Monday, September 21, 2009

If You're Reading This, Then:

*You're shocked
*You've been wondering if I was still alive
*You're mad at me for completely deserting my blog for the last 7 months
* You don't really care
*You've deleted me from your blog rolls, readers, etc and really don't care
*You've gone to my brother's blog to ask where I've been but since he hasn't written anything in the last four months, you never got an answer so you REALLY don't care

This has been a very strange year for me. Without getting into too much detail, it's been odd. I think the musical I was in last December completely threw me off my bloggy schedule. It took me all of Jan/Feb to recover and get back into our regularly scheduled family program, then I went through some of the I-won't-get-into-detail-things that threw me for another loop.

At that point, I just didn't feel like writing. So I didn't. So I got lazy and wrote much smaller versions of my usually long-winded brainfart thoughts on facebook instead.

After that I just thought I'd see how long this blog drought would last.

I think I'm over it now. I miss my blog. I miss writing about whatever trivial aspect of my life is floating around in my head.

Thank goodness for God and his faithfulness. Without Him, I'd be in a yucky place that would be hard to get out of.

Don't get me wrong. I was not in a state of depression, drowning my sorrows in bottles of wine while laying on the floor watching American Idol all year..well, maybe the American Idol part.

My mind just took a vacation from writing long sentences while posting pictures simutaneously.

Stay tuned.

I'm married. I have 3 kids. I have a big nose. Now go on and catch up.

Keep it nice or I'll post your email and make fun of you.

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