Monday, September 29, 2008

Broken Bras, Higher Octaves, and No Shoes

Vocal warm-ups are just embarrasing. There is just no way around it. Try doing them in your car on the way to an audition.

Picture me at a stop sign singing "Ego, Ego, Ego, Ego,etc.." while moving my head from left to right..singing but not moving my lips. Or.."Ha Ha, Hee Hee, Ho Ho, Aw aw aw aw aw aw aw aw awwwwwwwwww" while bobbing my head up and down.

Yes, tonight I auditioned for a musical. I was prepared to sing, I was prepared to read. I was not prepared to dance. Luckily that is more my forte so I was able to pick up the routine quickly. No one else knew there would be a dance segment so we were all in the same boat. The bad thing was that I didn't have the right shoes on so I had to dance barefoot.

Drawbacks to me dancing barefoot:

*I lost 2.5 inches when I took off my shoes. Not good when you're 5 ft nuthin and on stage with people who are much taller than you.
*I am not one who likes to dance with my shoes off. My feet don't slide as easily. I never get how some dancers can do that. Lots of powder and wrapping I guess.

Later, I sang my two songs then they wanted me to sing another that showed more of my range. I sang another. then another. Apparently I kept hitting the same fifth and didn't go to the top of my range. Crap, Schmap, Double Crap.

I wasn't sure if I would be able to use a music stand to hold my lyrics so I memorized my songs. I couldn't remember the order of 4 words in the chorus on one of them (brilliant) so I did what any mature person would do. I wrote them on my left finger so when I held the mike I'd be able to see them. The plan was solid but the stand was there so plan aborted. I spent the rest of the audition trying to discreetly rub the ink off my finger.

Oh yeah and my bra strap broke while I was dancing. We'll see if I get a callback.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Rock N Roll Wine

Last night Paul and I went to a Rock N Roll wine Fest at Mandalay Bay. Over 125 wines from over 50 wineries...5 different bands..Lots of wading in the wave pool listening to Sherwood then The Gin Blossoms who headlined. I used to work with Jessie wayyy back in the day. We used to go see them play after work at a local bar..They were (are) so much fun. I haven't talked to him in a longgg time so I don't even know if he'd remember me but still love them.

Shockingly one of favorite wines was a red zin called 7 Deadly Zins. We favor cabs so this was surprising. Dry, oakey, good legs..We'll be buying a bottle soon. Swirl, have you heard of this wine?
Rodney Strong had a booth there as well..We love us some Rodney cab..

Lots of drunk drunk people there. NO, we were not one of them since we had to drive home but it was amusing watching them. One chick did a face plant in the pool while trying to wade out to her husband who was near the stage (which was in the pool). Her husband ate it soon after..We danced a lot and didn't fall in. Actually I'm surprised I didn't. hahahahahaha!

We went to the after-party where I saw Scott Johnson (Gin Blossoms guitar player) and told him "Great job tonight!" He didn't remember me but was still pretty cool.

After the after-party, we went into the casino to gamble a little. Paul likes roullette but I'm a craps girl. While playing craps, we saw Drew Carey..I yell, "Hi Drew!" He turned around with a big grin and said "Hi there!" Our craps dealer got all man-crushy and "Hey there's Jim Carrey! He's such a cool guy.." The entire table corrected him, "Drew Carrey." Now I know why the dealers aren't or shouldn't supposed to talk in the first place.

At lunch today, after church..Too funny:

Monday, September 22, 2008

Prepare for the Onslaught.

The last month in pictures..Yes, I FINALLY found my camera cord..Geez..
3 couples + lots of wine = Guesstures (basically charades). Don't you love the one of me imitating a horse? Oh wait..It's not there? Thank my husband for not taking pics of his wife. By the way, the women totally SPANKED the men.

In the Hooked on Phonics zone

Hunter is double jointed. He's touching his ear even though you can't see it. My dad can do this same move.Hunter's friend couldn't do it.
Me neither.
The Great Toilet Paper Fight of last Tuesday Night

First day of Pre-School - Could ANY girl look cuter? Partying On My Birthday

Notice the 1 behind the 38

My brother and I at our parents' house last month. Trying to make ourselves laugh during a very stressfull time.

My wedding day vs. My senior pic. Sometimes there are just not enough words.
Successfully annoying my mom while she tried to read in bed

Hunter's 14th birthday last month. Sorry it took so long to post these sweetie pie! Luv ya sweets!

Eek. Yes, he likes Metallica.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Things A Fitness Trainer Should Never Say To His Client

1) You have great posture. Most chesty women hunch over.

2) That was awful. I mean really awful. Horrible. I'm normally much nicer to my clients but that was horrible. Trying to balance THEN get off the Bocu ball.

3) No, these little love handles around your hip are not fat. You're just retaining water there. THIS is fat.. as he plays with the little flappy wing under my arm.

4) Wow, great ab control. Man I just can't figure you out.

5) Just so you know, I don't have my female clients do ANY free weight training..Assuming that I'm a free weight muscle head chick because when my arms and shoulders are a little buff (focus on little) only cuz I have a 3 year old who hangs off me like a monkey when I pick her up a million times a day.

6) How old are you?

7) Really..You're not THAT out of shape.

And that people is how to keep your client motivated to work out. Such an joy to be around.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Yo Google, You SUCK!

My blogroll disappeared. Fudge. I don't know if this coincided with my recent template change. BTW, glad y'all loved it. It was a major feat that it was finished. I don't think the gals at Blogalicious knew what they were getting into when they started on my design. It took awhile to get on the same page but in the end, the design turned out totally fab.

So anyway, I have had to re-create my blogroll..this is where google comes in. I have avoided Google reader like the plague. I know a ton of bloggers use it but in a nutshell, I hate it.

Conceptually, Google reader is a good idea BUT..I love actually going to the blog I'm reading so I can see the colors, font styles, and other weally pwetty things....YES I am SO a kindegartner like that.

Plus, I AM NOSY. Isn't this dad? keith? paul? jake? hunter? SO nosy that I love reading other peoples' comments. I've found some of my fave blogs by doing this. Can't do it in Google.

The entire day and a half I used my Google reader, I felt like I was missing something. It just wasn't the same experience as actually reading from someone else's blog. Maybe it's not cool not use a reader but really, if you know me, you know I don't care what most people think.

I really do wish Google had a better reader cuz if they did, I'd use it. I actually don't like using the blogger blogroll thing. I have to keep going back and forth from my blog to the next one I want to read which is a pain and probably totally inflates my stats. Yes, I am hard to please.

The only good thing is that I was able to import the blogs I did have in Google back into my blogroll. That was convenient.

So I think I may have most of the ones I read back but if I missed one, lemme know.

So anyway, that's it.

ps. Google Analytics suck brick too. Thanks for nuthin..Although the map colors are weally pwetty...

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Happy Birthday to ME!

It was my birthday yesterday. The big 39!

My friend Diane planned a party for me tonight but I had her cancel it last week. With everything going on with my dad, I didn't know when I'd be back home, or even if I was, I didn't think I'd be in the mood to party. I was right. My dad is doing well but I still am not quite back to normal I EVER for that matter?!

Instead, Paul, myself, the kids, and my friends Diane with her son, and Erin went to a japanese restaraunt and had a hilarious dinner at a teppanyaki table. It was a blast..The kids love watching the chef prepare our dinners while the adults were all obnoxious (shocker). Paul and I were totally on the same page about where to go. We both made reservations at last nights restaraunt without consulting each other THEN he came home from work with the exact same cake from my fave bakery, Retro, that I had ordered weeks ago (he never knew I'd ordered it) for my now cancelled party tonight.

The best part? My present from him....

wait for it..wait for it...wait....

Justin Timberlake tickets! Trash talk me if you want, laugh if you must, but do I care? Nope! Love me some Justin! This is a measure of how much my hubby must love me..He hates (ooo, such a strong word) Justin..He's even gonna go with me to the concert. I'm bringin sexy back...Aaooowwwwww!

I'd post some pictures but I can't find my camera cord. My laptop (which is NOT A MACBOOK AIR) won't accept my memory card and my PC is still locked (after I finish this post my goal is to unlock that motha if it's the last thing I do).

Anyhoo, my birthday was fun..Next year, the hub is throwing me a 40th birthday party rager..or so he saaaaaaaaaayyyysssss. Time will tell!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Spin Thoughts...

** As you can see, I'm having a new template installed. Please be patient while we go through some growing pains over the next day or so! **

Things going through my mind during spin class today:

where the is the music? Can't hear it.
how could i have forgotten water?
how could i have forgotten my spin cushion for my seat?
this instructor really needs to speak up..yell for peet's sake woman!
dang, i'm thirsty.
dang, my butt hurts.
That guy is late..Oh, he's fixing the sound system. Yeah, the music is working now!
yeah..gettin in the zone, gettin in my groove..feelin it, feelin it..
Lovin these uphill climbs, i could totally teach this class.
how could those two women still be talking during all of these switchbacks
Ugh, more resistance? ouch, dang it, my knees..i so could NOT teach this class.
i need to call dad to see how his doc appointment went this morning
i'm starving
i wish that woman would get off her phone
why does that trainer keep sprinting down the hall? back and forth, back and forth.
Find your focal point..Focus..stare..stare..
I am going to take that woman's cell and step on it.
dang it...cell phone wench got me outta of my groove...grrrrrr
faster, faster..i love imagining that i can ride this bike away from all my issues, neuroscis
i'm not gonna sit down yet..I'm not gonna sit down yet....stay up..stay up...still goin uphill
why do i keep coming to this torturous class? never again.
i'm gonna pick up Pip from pre-school with a wet sweaty back...smellin like a rose too..fabulous.
check to see how many calories this class burns. it's supposed to be a ton..checked once but forgot..shocker.
who am i kidding. i'll be back to this class again.
have 1.5 hours to run to the grocery store, drop off groceries at home, then pick Pip up..
this instructor's music sucks. play something more upbeat and fast..i could so teach this class.
awww, the warm down feels sooooo good but i'm gonna fall off this bike trying to do it.
why can i never get off this bike without feeling like my legs are gonna fold under me?
must run out and find the nearest drinking fountain. will knock over anyone who is in my way.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Things I'm....


* The lipstick on a pig debate
* Typical campaign slandering
* Gas prices
* Cleaning floors and toilets
* Letting the dogs in/out a million times a day
* The sun 24/7 - I need a good thunder/lightening/rain storm, NOW.


* I don't have a MacBook
* My blog stats confirm my current suspicions - My readership is wayy down. I'm losing my blog mojo.
* Can I have separate folders for different sets of pictures on Flickr? Anyone? Can't figure it out.
* Total commercialism in the world
* The fact I STILL cannot unlock my PC - friggin dog sitters...
* My metabolism is slowing down.
* I've found more gray hair in the last 2 weeks than the ONE I've had for the past 5 years.
* I can't sell all of our belongings, move my family to an island, open a pizza shack, and live much more simply.
* My husband - currently


* Why my husband men can be so retarded


* Church
* The kids
* My father is recovering very well from his quadruple bypass.
* My family going to bed while I stay up.
* Drinking my fave glass of wine
* I just figured out how to put a line through a word. Yes, I am slowwwwww.
* My husband - not tonight though

Sunday, September 7, 2008


Piper and I came home today. My dad is doing great. He's up walking around, feeling pretty good plus his appetite is getting better by the day. It was hard to leave but it feels great to be home at well.

Yawn, don't have much more tonight. Time to sit down and watch some mindless tv aka the MTV Movie Awards. Man, I love that one.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Welcome Sarah..

I loved Sarah Palin's speech last night. She proved that she has a voice and knows how to use it well. What I mean is that she made no bones about the fact that she IS qualified to run on McCains ticket.

She runs the 2nd largest energy producting state in the country. She gets energy policies. She knows we need to change where we get our oil from and knows where to get it. She understands that part of our nat'l security is linked to our energy dependence.

Was she dumb to go after Obama last night? No. She needed to be tough. To show she has the guts and courage to be on this ticket. To prove that she has the executive experience, the reform experience, and legistlative experience.

Yes, there was some political theater in her speech. It was a partisan arena. The Republicans there wanted to be pumped up. Although we don't know how she'll do in an unscripted situation, ie-debates, press conferences, and other non-partisan arenas, I get the feeling that she can/will handle it very well. She'll need it to swing the non-partisan and independent voters their way. I do wish she had addressed our economics more..Hopefully, we'll hear more on that soon.

Newt Gingrich nailed it when he said, "Why is it that Obama can write a couple books, be introduced by Oprah and be qualified to be President while Palin isn't qualified to be a V.P. by having been a mayor, knocking out the incumbent Alaskan governor, and running the Alaskan Nat'l Guard? It's ridiculous."

Per Fox news:

Palin's state budget: $11 billion
Palin's staff: 15,000

Obama's campaign budget: $100 million
Obama's staff: 100

What does that mean? To be honest, I'm not sure other than the obvious. She's got more executive experience than Obama. Yes, he can learn this stuff. I'm not saying he's not competent but really, doesn't this show that she's got what it takes to run on McCain's ticket?

A recent poll (don't know which one) said that 51% of American voters think the press has been unfair to Palin. I would agree. Read the cover of Us magazine lately? Read the article? Totally mis-leading crap approved by a democratic editor of the magazine. Talk about lies. Biased lies.

I've never been much of a feminist but I must admit that questioning Palin's ability to be V.P while having 5 children and a husband is ludicrous. Why isn't Obama being questioned about not having time for his 2 girls while being President? Where's the equality there? I am in awe that she has a special needs newborn (what a cutie pie by the way), is a governor and wants to do even more for this country. Palin is showning she's got the support, intelligence, and knowledge to forge ahead while keeping her family her top priority.

Speaking of family, the media really needs to lay-off her daughter..No, it's not the best way to start a family but duh, don't they think Palin understands that? The fact is it happens to other teens all across the world. So why be the ultimate judge and jury for this particular teenager? She's keeping the baby and marrying the dad. Are the odds against them? Definitely. At least they're making an effort to do the right thing.

Does Palin have more foreign policy experience than Joe Biden? No. Does she have much? No. But neither does Obama. At least McCain has it and will expose Palin to it quickly.

Some of the stuff my dad, Keith and I laughing about now:

Me: Levi's parents are probably thinking that they've hit the jackpot since their son knocked up Bristol.

Dad: Yeah, they're probably sayin, "Our son diddled the governors daughter and now we'll be in-laws with the VP! Yahoo!"

Keith: I'd like to see a cat-fight between Sarah and Hillary.

Mom: McCain doesn't know how many houses he has..

Dad: That's because they're all Cindy's.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Message From Dad

As Robin and Keith's dad, and the star of this drama, I can tell you I have many things to be grateful for and little to regret (the last 100 cartons of cigarettes the most obvious) When you suddenly find yourself helpless and in the hands of strangers you really learn what powerless means and realize the significance of family, love, friends and God in your life. Throughout this entire experience I knew that someone I loved was close and that prayers were being answered. I want you, Robin and Keith's extended family, to know how much we appreciate your support.

Thanks so much,


Tuesday, September 2, 2008

She Would Have Been 5 Today...

Wrigley would have been 5 today. Wish I could stay in bed and never get out. Can't write much more.

Other posts about my angel:

Update: I forced myself to swim a million+ laps in my parents' pool this morning in an effort to swim away from my pain and grief. Of course, didn't work. My mental state did improve however to a functioning state at least. Spent the rest of the day painting for my mom.

Monday, September 1, 2008

My Dad, A Fire, and a Cracked Rib

First, thank you to everyone who has left comments both on mine and Keith's blogs. It meant a lot to both of us. The blogosphere is so awesome.

My dad came home from the hospital today. He is looking and feeling so much better. Lots of color in his face, walking really well and talking a lot. Obviously, he's still really really tired but the worst is over. Lots of meds to take so I made him a big chart - such a Virgo/dorky thing I know - but he liked it so that's all I care about.

My bro and sis-in-law went back to Tucson yesterday. Keith is in a play and had a performance at noon. They'll be back on Thursday to help out as well.

We have a lot of family lore that is hysterical but none is as famous as the Great Kitchen Fire of (circa) 1978. Since it's Dad Week, it's only appropriate that I tell this story (with dad's approval of course, plus he's sitting right next to me). Of course, he is the main player.

For many many many years, my dad would get irritated if we brought up this story or told it to others. For us, all we could do is laugh while we told it. About a month ago, I asked dad if I could put it on my blog. He actually laughed a bit and said, "Yeah, but which version are you going to write?" Read on....

One Sunday morning, my mom, brother and I were sitting in the living room watching something on tv. I remember it being after church so we were all in our Sunday best.
My dad used to make these huge Sunday breakfasts. He put some bacon grease in a pan to heat up on the stove (yes, he ate like this for a little while in the 70's but stopped a longg time ago). He forgot about it and took a shower. Note - accounts vary about who put the grease on, my mom or dad...and why my dad took a shower after church..i don't remember him going that morning, just me, mom and keith).

Anyway, the three of us were in the living room when I noticed that the dining room wall was reflecting a flickering orange light from the kitchen. I asked my mom, "Why is the dining room wall orange?" With that, we all ran in the kitchen. The stove was on fire. My mom yelled at me, "GO GET YOUR DAD!"

I ran into their bathroom, opened the shower door and yelled, "DAD, THE STOVE IS ON FIRE!" My dad to this day remembers that part well. Luckily, I don't remember actually seeing him in the shower, whew..eek. What I do recall next is running back into the kitchen and seeing my mom trying briefly to put the fire out with water. Next, my dad comes running through the foyer naked except for a towel and dripping wet.

This is where the family controversy starts:

My memory: Dad hits the slick linoleum floor running, slips and loses his towel in the process and proceeds to slide the length of the kitchen, and slam into the kitchen door with his body. He gets up, yells at my mom for putting water on an oil fire while simultaneously grabbing baking soda and puts the fire out....naked.

Keith: Dad slips and falls, barely slides, gets up, grabs the baking soda and puts the fire out. No recollection of him being naked or yelling at my mom. Violently disputes that he slid all the way across the kitchen floor. Doesn't remember going to church that morning.

Mom: Remembers getting yelled at about the water on the oil fire. Says my dad slid through the foyer, from one end of the kitchen to the other and out the door into the carport naked. Doesn't think we went to church that morning.

Dad: Remembers me seeing him naked in the shower while yelling the stove is on fire and running wet wearing only a towel into the kitchen. He remembers slipping and sliding (but doesn't remember how far) while the three of us stood next to each other watching him slide by us. Doesn't recall yelling at my mom about the water on the oil fire or how he put it out. Maybe it's because he cracked two ribs. Doesn't remember going to church.

So here's the thing. We were all in his hospital room the night before his surgery talking about this. While laughing/bickering about whose story was right, I told everyone I was going to blog about this and have my awesome readers decide. So it's up to you to pick the version you like the most. Whichever one has the most votes will be the official family story.

Tired. Time for bed. Dad and I are going for a walk down the street and back. 30 minutes a day..

I'm married. I have 3 kids. I have a big nose. Now go on and catch up.

Keep it nice or I'll post your email and make fun of you.

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