Thursday, September 11, 2008

Spin Thoughts...

** As you can see, I'm having a new template installed. Please be patient while we go through some growing pains over the next day or so! **

Things going through my mind during spin class today:

where the is the music? Can't hear it.
how could i have forgotten water?
how could i have forgotten my spin cushion for my seat?
this instructor really needs to speak up..yell for peet's sake woman!
dang, i'm thirsty.
dang, my butt hurts.
That guy is late..Oh, he's fixing the sound system. Yeah, the music is working now!
yeah..gettin in the zone, gettin in my groove..feelin it, feelin it..
Lovin these uphill climbs, i could totally teach this class.
how could those two women still be talking during all of these switchbacks
Ugh, more resistance? ouch, dang it, my knees..i so could NOT teach this class.
i need to call dad to see how his doc appointment went this morning
i'm starving
i wish that woman would get off her phone
why does that trainer keep sprinting down the hall? back and forth, back and forth.
Find your focal point..Focus..stare..stare..
I am going to take that woman's cell and step on it.
dang it...cell phone wench got me outta of my groove...grrrrrr
faster, faster..i love imagining that i can ride this bike away from all my issues, neuroscis
i'm not gonna sit down yet..I'm not gonna sit down yet....stay up..stay up...still goin uphill
why do i keep coming to this torturous class? never again.
i'm gonna pick up Pip from pre-school with a wet sweaty back...smellin like a rose too..fabulous.
check to see how many calories this class burns. it's supposed to be a ton..checked once but forgot..shocker.
who am i kidding. i'll be back to this class again.
have 1.5 hours to run to the grocery store, drop off groceries at home, then pick Pip up..
this instructor's music sucks. play something more upbeat and fast..i could so teach this class.
awww, the warm down feels sooooo good but i'm gonna fall off this bike trying to do it.
why can i never get off this bike without feeling like my legs are gonna fold under me?
must run out and find the nearest drinking fountain. will knock over anyone who is in my way.


Mama Dawg said...

You LOOK FANTASTIC D'ahling! Just wonderful!

dani said...

hey, robin:)
i totally dig your new layout, i hope your dad got great news from his doctor, and, lastly, i totally hope you are not lying somewhere dehydrated mumbling, "waaaaaaaaaaterrrrrrrrr, i nnnneeeeeeeeddddd waaaaaaaaattttteeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrr..."!!!

Sam (The Edge Of Insanity) said...

I LOVE this new layout... the colors are great! I'm really jealous, I'm growing tired of my googly eyed squirrel.
I hate exercising in public... I did a step aerobics once, ONCE, and was so mortified 10 minutes in I finally left before before I walked into one more person.
I still get embarrassed thinking about it.

Swirl Girl said...

wow- all those spin classes really worked! You look terrific!

love the new Party...

how's dad doing?

Kelly said...

Spin classes totally kick your ass, but a 1/2 hour class can burn over 400 calories!!

You need to bring your WATER!!!


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