Monday, July 28, 2008

Bow Chicka Wow Wow..A 100+ Things About Me.

So I didn't get the memo about celebrating my 100th post by listing 100 things about myself..Like writing my blog profile wasn't revealing enough for you people?!?!?!? I'll try my best to keep it clean but a warning anyway to my mom, dad, mom-dad-harvey-inlaws: Read at your own risk!

First and foremost, I am Christian. I have always been religious even as a young child. That said, you may find some of the below surprising. What can I say? I am who I am.

1. I get told almost daily that I look like Gloria Estefan.
2. I was married before to my boys' (Jake and Hunter) dad. We've been divorced for 11 years.
3. I have been married to the most wonderful man (Paul) on the planet for 6 years now. This will totally go to his head.
4. Paul and I had our first child together, Wrigley, in 2003. She died in my arms an hour after she was born. I was forever altered on that day and will never be the same.
5. We were blessed with our daughter Piper two years later.
5.5 My dream is move to an island and live a much slower life while we raise our kids. I am growing weary of this commercialized tech driven world.
6. I want a MacBook Pro.
6.5 I have sung with Rick Springfield on-stage during one of his concerts.
7. I love wine and captain & cokes (no lime please).
8. I can sing well and used to be a wedding singer (briefly).
9. I'm a swing dancer but am rusty because I haven't done it in ages.
10. I am quasi-certified (long story) to teach ashtanga, hatha, and vinyasa yoga..Yogini anyone?
11. I am hysterical in a social setting and usually the life of the party (and the butt of all of the next day's jokes).
12. I am an EXTREME extrovert and will talk to anyone who will tell me their life story.
13. I love being around people.
14. I get bored easily and must be entertained. This is why I had kids.
15. I HATE road trips with a passion.
16. I knit which is totally cool (and funny when I'm in the dr's office knitting and everyone is staring trying to figure out how old I am).
17. I am 38.
18. I am one of about eleventy million 1st cousins.
19. I have NO willpower when it comes to chocolate.
20. I would pimp myself out for a chocolate chip cookie. True story- Ask the hubby. I cannot resist them.
21. I am a history buff especially about the American Revolution and our Founding Fathers (total rockstars).
22. I am very impatient.
23. I am a little neurotic aka psycho (according to Mr. Wonderful Man I'm married to).
24. I am a shoe ho.
25. I am a Coach purse ho.
26. I have a B.S. in Business Administration with a 3.83 gpa.
27. I LOVE to travel.
28. I've been to Hong Kong, Paris, West Indies, Caribbean (how the heck do you spell that?!) but have never been on a cruise. Hong Kong is one of my favorite places.
29. My mind is in the gutter most of the time. I pray to the Lord for forgiveness constantly.
30. I love to cook.
31. I love to dance while I cook.
32. I love to dance around in my underwear while I get ready in the morning and yell "Uh Huh..Waa Waa!!"
33. I love it when my brother and I do our dance to KC and the Sunshine's "Do A Little Dance". We made it up when we were kids and now I've passed it down to mine.
34. I pray EVERY night.
35. I can't stand the sound of styrofoam. It's the most vile thing on the planet and should never have been invented.
36. I can eat VERY spicy food.
37. I am a thai food fanatic and could eat it daily.
38. I can't smell.
39. I've met John O'Hurley (J. Peterman from Seinfeld). He looks gooood in person.
40. I have a short fuse (according to the hubby).
41. I loved being pregnant.
42. I'm claustrophobic.
43. I love collecting funky, artsy crosses and have them all over the house.
44. I am uber-clumsy.
45. I am only 5'0. No one told me that smoking in the 8th grade would stunt my growth until it was too late.
46. I am way too analytical and smart for my own good. It keeps me up at night.
47. When I see someone pan-handling on a street corner, I don't get irritated. I stop and give change. Do you really need that extra change in your car? It could be an angel in disguise testing you. When will YOU need help next?
48. I can't eat a sandwich unless it has a tomato in it (except for a pb and j).
49. The world is huge, life is short, live your life to the fullest, so travel and see it.
50. I detest able bodied people who don't take responsibility for their actions and just complain.
51. I love academia and hopefully will go back for my masters when Pip starts kindegarten.
52. I have a tatoo on my hip of Snoopy but it's so old that it's faded and now looks like a butterfly.
53. I go to an awesome massage therapist to work through old ghosts that I just need to let go of.
54. I have a very hard time letting go of grudges, hence lots of praying and #53.
55. I am drinking wine right now and can't remember what I've written from 1-50.
56. I am a vegetarian. Not because I love animals but because the method in which they are slaughtered is extremely unsanitary and disgusting so I don't want their sick bacteria ridden flesh in my body any longer.
57. I can quote and/or recognize movie lines from tons of movies.
58. My first concert was Foreigner when I was 13.
59. My parents still live in the same house that we lived in since I was 5 so I grew up with all my friends from kindegarten until 8th grade.
60. I was the student body president in 6th grade.
61. I was popular in elementary, middle, and jr high.
62. My parents made me go to an out of district high school because they didn't want me to go to the high school we were zoned for. It was getting too rough.
63. I started my out of district high school knowing 1 person who was two years older than me. I wasn't popular anymore but wasn't a geek either. Middle of road which was actually ok. High school was still a blast.
64. At my ten year reunion I was one of the ones nominated for most-looks-the-same-from- high-school but I wouldn't do the macarana to break the tie so the other gal won. The reunion was a blast.
65. No one told me at my 20th reunion last fall that I looked the same from high school. damn. This reunion was weird.
66. I have been a PTA president for my son's middle school.
67. When I was little I wanted to be Ginger from Gilligans Island or Audra from the Big Valley.
68. My first crush was Andy Gibb, followed by Shaun Cassidy and David Soul.
69. I love red wine..Australian cabs are my favorite.
70. I have taken a glider ride over Napa Valley. Highly recommend it.
71. I've bungee jumped with my boys from 18 stories up.
72. My spinal tap stopped all of sudden during Piper's birth so I felt EVERYTHING. I had to be put out and missed her birth. Supposedly this is doesn't happen often. Of course not, only to me.
73. I haven't drank caffeine since 1995 although I do get some through chocolate or decaf coffee.
74. I hate pop. Ick..vile..I only drink water throughout the day.
75. The hubby and I are good dancers although we don't do it often enough anymore.
76. My boys' friends once called me a MILF. I was a little embarrassed but secretly a little proud as well. Try pretending (with a straight face) you don't know what a MILF is to 13 year old son when he asks. Really though, I had to laugh because that is just ridiculous. So not true.
77. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night with either one of my elbows or both arms sticking up in the air. What the f*&k?
78. I love it when it storms.
79. I always wanted to be in a rock video as one of those girls who get water thrown on them when they dance.
80. I've always have an aversion to authority, ie-I parked my way through college anywhere I wanted which resulted in several hundred dollars worth of parking tickets which I wouldn't pay...which caught up to me several years later..which I still didn't want to pay...which I finally did pay.
81. I love Pina Coladas and gettin caught in the rain.
82. I used to play softball (catcher) and be good at it and now I can't play for crap.
83. I've never been stung by a bee.
84. I had a good friend die of AIDS in the 90's but didn't know it until I called him and his mom told me.
85. I love cereal.
86. My current Hollywood crush is James Marsden.
87. My forever Hollywood crushes: Kurt Russell, Harrison Ford, Sean Connery.
88. I've never broken a bone which is crazy because I've always been a risk taker.
89. I've never had stitches until just a few years ago. I cut the tip of my thumb almost off when I pulled my juliene blade out of my stupid Pampered Chef slicer. When I got to the emergency room, the admitting nurse asked, "Habla Engles?"
90. When we lived in Oklahoma, a clerk in Dillards asked me for my Indian reservation number when I was checking out. I'm not Indian.
91. I've been asked many times if I'm Italian.
92. I've been asked if I'm Lebanese.
93. I've been asked if I'm Jewish.
94. I am Hispanic and German.
95. I found my first gray hair today. Paul found 3 more. Sh*t.
96. I find it hard to wrap my mind around the fact that my oldest child is turning 19 in a month. I am too immature to have a child who is turning 19 IN A MONTH, hence #95.
97. I am the process of demanding a huge celebration of some sort for my 40th birthday next year.
98. Hi, my name is Robin and I'm a Starbucks Addict.
99. My first child got the nickame of 'boob' at an early age and it stuck. Now all three kids are called boob. I like to say things like, "Aww, my three boobs are cuddling." or "Aww, my three boobs are watching tv together." or "Aww, one of my boobs is sick."
100. I am terrified of bugs. Really terrified. Wimpy terrified. Running terrified. Big Wimpy terrified.
101. Gimme a Seinfeld quote. I can tell you which episode it's from plus what the plot and subplot was. The last episode was brilliant.
102. I believe in God.
103. I believe in my Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.
104. My favorite scripture is Psalm 23.


Weith Kick said...

I've never been stung by a bee either. How weird. I can't believe you were able to come up with 104 things about yourself! I also get the "are you persian?" "are you italian?" "are you icelandic?" "are you nigerian?" "are you are an idiot?" etc... Yeah, I get that stuff all the time.

Pat said...

How lucky am I to have such a beautiful daughter-in-law....I love you.

dani said...

we share in most of your 104, robin:) kindred spirits or nearly the same age, hmmmmm???

Swirl Girl said...

#4 explains #'s 102-104.

You and I have so much in common we could be twins...except the christian part, and #89 and the fact that I've never , ever been called a MILF. A girl can dream though, right?

You're a doll!

Swirl Girl said...

oh yeah- is Weith your brother?

I can see the KC and Sunshine dance extravaganza goin' on!

Robin said...

Keith - icelandic and norwegian? those are new ones. I wonder if mom and dad knew that they were going to produce some freaky kids like us...or I wonder if we are BOTH adopted, not just you, hmmm..I ask the idiot question to myself all the time. Luv ya Ugs..

Pat - Aww, don't make me cry now! You know how hard that is for me!
Luv ya!
Dani- You know they say you have a twin somewhere in the world..Howdy sis! Luv ya! You know that means Keith is your brother, hahahaha!

Swirl - Yep, Weith (Keith) is my big bro! Yes, you should see us boogie. I'll have to post our dance sometime. Thank you so much for the nod to my angel in Heaven. You are too sweet. :-) Luv ya!

Kelly said...

I also am impressed that you came up with all this cool stuff about first thought when I saw your picture is you look like Gillian Anderson (you know, X-files?!)

Claudious said...

Increadible list, my favorite is:

29. My mind is in the gutter most of the time. I pray to the Lord for forgiveness constantly.

I was gonna say me too! but really would hate to creep you out on my first visit. (Love your blog, looking forward to riffling through your archives)

Robin said...

Kelly - Gillian Anderson? That's a new one but I'll take it because she's a cutie! Thanks!

Claudious- Ah, sad but true. It really is in the gutter most of the time. Glad I found a kindred spirit! Have fun riffling! I'll have to stop by your blog and do the same!

The Herzog Family said...

IMPRESSIVE!! I think we definately need a video of the dance with your bro!

Kari Haskell said...

I just tagged six more PLEASE!

I'm married. I have 3 kids. I have a big nose. Now go on and catch up.

Keep it nice or I'll post your email and make fun of you.

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