Monday, March 31, 2008

Anniversary - Emergency

Paul and I started out Sunday by waking up and tell each other "Happy Anniversary". We ended the day after coming home from the emergency room at 12:15 this morning with Piper. At about 9pm, she had a 105 degree fever so we hurried to the hospital. It turned out to be a bad throat infection and tonsilitis. Her tonsils don't need to come out, whew..Just lots of medicine and TLC. They fast tracked us since her fever was so high but we were still there 3 hours. Hunter was so worried he insisted on coming with us. What a trooper, he still got up and made it to school on time.

Her morning meds just kicked in. She's down to 99.2. Hopefully it won't yo-yo back up again. She was dozing on the couch but now she's starting to fuss. Not sure I'll blog anymore today. Gonna cuddle with my girl.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Comments Please?

So according to our statcounter (Blog Viewer Thingie - way at the bottom of the screen) to date, we have had 626 viewers check out our blog. I am confused though because other than a handful of immediate family/friends, no one else is leaving comments (thanks dad, pat, keith, erin, and kari!).

Help me out our wonderful readers. Don't be shy! I'm totally interested in your comments. I changed our preferences so comments will post automatically now instead of us approving them first. Will that help?

I added a guestbook recently as well but no one has signed it. Is it dorky? Should I remove? Love this blogging thing but it's still kind of new so I'm open to some suggestions to make our blog more fun..

And by the way Kari, I was craving your durn cupcakes ALL DAY but couldn't make it in the bakery...Mocha Java, Mint Chocolate Chip, and my new fave, the Short Stack (the gal in the scrubs talked me into buying it the last time we were in). I just lost almost 20 lbs. I think it may be worth it gaining it back?! Maybe I just need to exercise more and longer from now on..!

Blessings and have a restful evening. I know I need it. For all the readers who read the My Day post, it's official, I'm sick..Yuck.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Piper's Birthday Party #4

The final birthday party! We had our family/friends party at Build A Bear. Piper and her friends had a great time. It was a fun, quick and sweet. Rather than gifts, we asked for donations to a children's home in Mexico. We received tons of food and cash donations which was wonderful (blog about this coming next).

The family continued to party at my mother in law Pat's house (she's in red)

4 generations of Keagles (they all look alike!)

My 3 Sweeties

My mom, dad, Hunter, Jake and his girlfriend Ashley

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

My Day

6:40a - Got up to get Hunter out of bed - Felt flu-ey
6:45a - Crawled back in bed
7:15a - Got out of bed to make breakfast for the kids
7:45a - Loaded up the kids - took Hunter to school and as usual, silently cursed at
all of the ridiculous parents who so recklessly speed through the school
zone, flip u'ees & pull out in front of me.
7:55a- Piper and I get back home and again, crawl into bed and watch Sesame Street
By the way, the number of the day was 3 and the letter was B. I really do
love my life :-)
8:10a- Drag us out of bed and try to start our day
9:30a- Both of us are still in our jammies playing with toys
9:45a- Phone rings, it's Hunter. He forgot his choir shirt and needs it by 10a (in 15 minutes) After a 'Crap, we're still in our jammies!' I rush to Piper, throw
on a t-shirt, jeans and a hat then rush to school.
10:05a After dropping off his shirt, I decide to go to Wal-Mart (ick hate that store
but love the prices) to pick up a new alarm clock (ours bit the dust
finally). I start thinking of how I need to blog about our AZ/Mexico trip.
10:30a Get 2 calls while in Wal-mart. Made a date with Diane to go furniture
shopping and arranged for a mover to move our gi-normous oversize armoire
upstairs. Pulte has no brain and didn't put a linen closet ANYWHERE upstairs,
hence the armoire will now be the closet. All this while Piper was pestering
me to get out of the cart.
(I'm really starting to feel flu-like now and seriously need to take a nap)

10:45a Loading up the truck and noticed that the movie that I bought for Piper was
actually still in the cart unpaid for. Feeling extremely guilty, I start to
load Pip back in the cart and turn around, then gave up after she started
crying. That combined with me feeling like total crap made me give up and
just keep going.
10:47a -Drive home feeling very very very guilty and convinced I'm going to hell
(then start obsessing about my blog again
11:30 - 2:20 A total blur (eating lunch with Pip, playing with her, trying to feel
2:25p - pick up Hunter
2:40p - Come home, put Pip down for her nap, then I did the same (while falling
asleep thinking about this dang blog and wondering if anyone other than our
family really reads it or cares)
4:40p - Wake up feeling a little bit better until I got up to fast and got dizzy.
Piper woke up at the same time (why I woke up)
5:15p - Ran a quick errands and stopped off at Retro Bakery for a cupcake with the
kids. Brian and Kari, fab and yummy as usual! How do you make these
until 7p - more of a blur until my hubby came home
7p-8p - Moving slow, making dinner, talking to the familia
8:30p - Moving slower, getting Pip ready for bed, doing her sticker chart, prayers,
songs, books
9p - Hunter reminds me that he needs his other choir shirt for tomorrow (which I
had already promised to wash earlier and forgot - crap). Start a load of
laundry and watched American Idol with Paul. Sad Chikezie left but someone
had to go. David Cook rocked last night so I was glad he stayed.
Side bar - I'm tired of Jason's dreads, they look worse every day.

Skip to now (11:20pm): Feeling absolutely miserable - Waiting for Hunter's clothes to dry (forgot to load them into the dryer right away - what the heck is wrong with me)?! Cursing that this post is formatting funky even though I messed with the html. Everyone is asleep and I wish I was too. My plan was to be in bed by 10pm. Ok, dryer is done and so am I.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

American Idol

David Cook rocked tonight. We loved his cover of Billie Jean. So cool. Chikezie was a little cheezy and Raylene(?)was boring again. This season is much much much better than last season..Sanjiyah? please...........

And yes, my sweetie talked to me again thru out the show. At least I wasn't knitting this time.

Dara and Me

I talked to my girlfriend Dara today who lives in Florida. It doesn't matter how long it's been since we've talked last, we always just pick up like we see each other all the time. I love catching up with her and my other girlies, Cindy, Beth and Stacey. I miss my Jax girls!!!! Hurry up and get your booties on a plane over here!

Dara with Piper, Devin, Dawson, Max, and Hunter

I'm Back!

Hi all! After 9 days and 2 countries, we're back home! I have lots of stories to blog but I need to sort through all of our pictures.. Be back soon!

Thursday, March 13, 2008


American Idol starts..

Robin: watching & starting to knit (silently counting knit 2, purl 2, knit 2, purl 2)

Paul: So, who do think will be kicked off, the blonde who turned that Beatles song into a country song? Or maybe it'll be the girl who's song was boring..I dunno, it could also be, yadda yadda yadda (his words start sounding like Charlie Brown's parents..)

Robin: Uh-huh (knit 2 purl 2 knit 2 purl 2)

Paul: So what are you doing tomorrow? Don't forget to.....charlie brown charlie brown...................

Robin: Uh-huh Ok (still trying to watch AI and knit.... knit 2 purl 2 knit 2..purl, knit..oh crap, did I purl or knit last...)

Paul: I think that 17 year old kid may get kicked off because he forgot his lyrics but it's going to be David Hernanez probably..

Robin: huh? oh uh-huh (crap, lost count again, count stitches from beginning, 1,2,3,4,5....)

Paul: I still think we should trade in your truck for a Range Rover. Maybe I'll just do it without telling you..

Robin: (6,7,8,9,10......)

Paul: (Watching me) 17, 23, 50,72......

Robin: Stop please (Trying hard to be patient but thinking seriously about telling him to shut up..)

Paul: So, what were the kids up to tonight?

Robin: Not much..(crap!!! 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8...Why can't he wait for a commercial?)

Paul: So, sdlfkdfsdflksjdfslkd? The house dlkififhwwleldlfjfjfldk? Range Rover dlsdkflkjgwriogj ?ledkfsfkjsldfkjdflkjsdflkj? The kids edfiweoirjelwrke ?

Robin: Oh mi gosh, stop already!! I can't hear anything their saying!

Paul: What, what'd I do..?

Robin: Just wait for a commercial or after this is over! (sigh, 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8.......)

Cut to this morning -

Robin: Guess I was impatient last night huh?

Paul - Laughs out loud and flashes me one of those grins I love..

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Erin's Birthday !

Warning - This will be a LONG blog but at least it has pictures..! Today we went out to celebrate my friend Erin's birthday. Normally the ritual is: girls go out to dinner, girls have drinks after and maybe see a show or live music. Instead today 8 of us went to the see an American Modernist exhibit at the Bellagio then out for the longest (but one of the most fun) lunch I've ever been too. This was such a cool idea.

Erin is such an amazing chick. She's hysterical, a great momma, and an extremely talented artist. She and her best pal Diane (whom is also incredibly talented and I also love but pick on constantly..luv ya baby!) own Studio 11 Las Vegas ;-) It is so wonderful being in their 'tribe' as they call it. I feel like I've known them for much longer than a year.

The exhibit was cool even though I don't know a lot about the Modernists. I've always been more of a lover of Berninni, DaVinci, MichaelAngelou and other painters of the Renaisannce era although I walked away though very interested in Georgia O'Keefe and Max Weber. I'm definitely going to read and study them further. Anyway, after I almost got us kicked out of the exhibit about 2 seconds after walking in, we studied, laughed (very quietly), studied, whispered and enjoyed the paintings immensely.

Ok back to how we almost got kicked out. I have this ability of becoming obnoxious (I prefer to call it funny)in the most inappropriate places. Don't know why. It's always been there. My brother has it as well. It either comes in handy or can be a curse. It doesn't surface as much as when I was younger (whew) though but since Erin and Diane bring out the worst in me (I'm sure they'll say that's debatable) it came out pretty quickly. So we walk in and started talking about a Georgia O'Keefe piece. We got on the docent's naughty list (he was glaring) because we were loud. Anyway, we had these bulky audio guides that looked like the first cell phones in existence. After using mine for 2 paintings, we come to one that we all congregate around. Noticing that we're all together at one painting and that it's extremely quiet while we read the little sign next to the piece, I put my audio guide to my ear and deadpan "Hello room service? (the snickering starts) I'd like you send to send up the Thunder Down Under dance guys and a box of condoms please." Loud, raucous laughter ensues that was way too inappropriate. Here comes the docent...After something like a "Be quiet or you'll have to leave" to us, we quickly try to put on our best art game faces and sally forth.

The best thing about the exhibit is that a handful of gals I'm with are professional artists. It was so interesting listening to them study the Modernists' techniques, ie-talking about brush strokes, what the artist was trying to convey, etc.. I wish I was able to take pics inside the gallery but no go. If anyone is interested, here's the official Bellagio link about the exhibit:

After going through the exhibit gift shop and believing that we are now all American Modernist experts, we head on to Firefly, a Spanish tapas restaraunt. I must say that I felt sorry for anyone else on the patio within earshot distance of us and most of all our waiter who took a lot of good natured abuse from us. I've always firmly believed that women are way worse then men when they get together. Today proved it but more about that later.
The food at this place is AMAZING! We ordered tons of tapas (little dishes) - stuffed dates, baked brie, camarones a la diabla, gazpaucho, ahi tuna skewers and firefly fries to name a few. It was an absolutely gorgeous day with a light breeze coming across the patio so between that and this fab cuisine, it was a magnificient lunch. We ate and ate and ate. Ok so didn't I title this post as Erin's birthday?

8 Crazy Girlies

Erin and Me

So Erin opens her presents then in the midst of all the laughter, she gets mushy for a minute and tells us all that she having these friends in her life is one of her greatest blessings. Loved it..

Fake Tears

Back to the laughter - I can't even remember half of the stuff we talked about but it seemed like every single person was funnier than the next..Oh yeah, one huge debate we had was if porn was healthy or not. Didn't I mention that I felt sorry for the people around us? So there was this certain gal at the table, YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE, who had her eye on our hot waiter. It didn't help that someone else (have no idea who) was egging the situation on everytime the poor guy came to our table. The funniest thing is that Erin and I INSTANTLY knew as soon as this man came to our table that our gal pal was going to start salivating. Fortunately this guy was a good sport about it and even dropped a few hints that he may be interested. Poor guy - his butt was burning everytime he walked away from the table from our gal pal's eyes. We all agreed that women are SO much worse then men when it comes to being obnoxious..

Finally after about 3 hours we FINALLY ordered a pitcher of Sangria..YES, until then this had occurred at a liquor free table (pretty much). Oh except for Erin's birthday shot. Middle of the day drinking indulgence is soo 20 years ago (I say that because I had to drive home). Anyway, that pitcher disappeared rather quickly. Cut to when everyone finally decides to head out. Melanie and Terri want to see Erin's house (she just painted some stuff) with Meegan (Erin's sis) before they go to Bette Midler, Kelli has to pick up her grandson, Erica goes back to paint (sign of a true artist - she had paint under her nails), Diane heads home to her boys and I head home as well. About halfway home I seriously start having to go to the bathroom..Traffic on the Strip was madness as usual so it took me 20 minutes to drive the 3-4 blocks to the freeway so by the time I hit it, I was dying. I then get a call from Erin, Meegan, Terri and Melody to meet them at this new bakery near Erin's house. I'm saying I have to go home because I have to pee BAD! They tell me to just go at the in the spirit of Erin's b-day, I skip my exit and head on. A bathroom run (literally) into the 7-11 next door saves the day then I meet them at the bakery.

Ok, Retro Bakery is cool and so are the owners. A young couple who are hip and pretty funny. Example - I make some vague comment about wine while we're all sitting on the couches munching on yummy cupcakes when Kari (owner wife) leans on the counter and says "Oh, you like wine?" rather sweetly. I say "Yes, I do" and she says "Aww how sweet, I like HARD LIQUOR" while staring down her nose at me. Of course, more laughter explodes..Ok, I can tell she could SO be a part of our tribe. Meegan goes in there every morning on the way to work so she told us this couple was cool..She was SO right! I'll have to blog about Meegan soon. She is a hip chick as well. In the meantime, during all of this laughter Brian (owner hubby) comes out of the kitchen looks at us, turns around and walks back in the kitchen. More yelling and laughing.. Check out Kari's blog 'Building a Bakery' in our Faves list.

That's the end of the story. I went home to my hubby and kids and relaxed with them 'til we put Pip to bed then Hunter and I decided to go see a movie. Paul went to bed. He was pooped after running with the kids all day. We saw Vantage Point. Not bad, not bad...

As I read back on this I quickly noticed a common theme of the day..Laughter. Obnoxious or otherwise, I think the best days are the ones where there is lots of it.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Fashion Show

We have a couple different after dinner rituals that seem to happen almost every night. One is Piper tries to run us down with trike through the kitchen, family and dining rooms. The other is playing music and dancing. The newest one is the Fashion Show..I grab the phone and 'announce' what Piper is wearing as she walks down the runway. This particular night her and dad were upstairs and they both thought this blouse was a dress. She wanted to model it. Hunter was hysterical with the garbage bag on his head. My mom was in town so she got a kick out of it..

The Green Monster hits 125K

Driving home the other night, Paul noticed my Expedition was at exactly 125,000 miles. I made him pull over so I could take a picture of it with my phone. Why? I dunno..Maybe just to put on this blog. I love my big green monster.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Piper's Birthday Party_#3

Ok by now, mom is tired of birthday parties but since our family one is the most important of all, she sucked it up.

We started out at Piper's favorite restaraunt, Red Robin (she luvs the free balloons)

Gets in a friendly balloon fight with two sisters (it was sooo cute)

Appoints herself the balloon hostess and gives balloons to the kids in the lobby (notice her outfit - she insisted on dressing herself - not bad actually!)

and tries to play video games with Hunter
At home afterwards singing Piper happy birthday (notice the left over SpongeBob cake)

Extremely happy girl

Did I mention she was happy? Paul and Hunter made fun of me cuz I wrapped little stuff individually..Hey, it makes it look like more presents!

Piper's Birthday Party_#2

Pip had a little party in preschool today. She had picked a SpongeBob cupcake cake which was a hit (complete with a SpongeBob balloon which turned out to be a great annoyance to the teachers cuz all the kids were running around with it everywhere screaming ;-) She got to make a birthday crown as well..All in all, another fun celebration.

Hiding in the pantry eating some hidden delight before we leave for school.

Coming in from the playground to start the party
The Cake

The Kids

The Crown

The Birthday Girl (and mom)

Monday, March 3, 2008

Piper's Birthday Party_#1

We went to the Dairy Queen next door to Piper's dance studio today after class and had a short but sweet (that's the way mommy wanted it) birthday party for her. Miss Patricia (their teacher), Kennedy, Isabella, and Ashlan were there (we missed you Lexie and Jordan!) along with their lil sibs Leah and Vera. This is the first of about 3 birthday parties for Pip so it was nice that this one was fun but quick..

Sunday, March 2, 2008

My Mother the Bathroom Police

My mom and I stopped in the outlet mall bathroom while we were shopping last week. While we were walking to the bathroom we realized we had both recently read the same article about those hand blowdryers that are in most public restrooms. Supposedly, people shouldn't use them because they blow bacteria out of the nozzle onto your hands; Paper towels are still the most sanitary.

Anyway, we walk in the restroom and saw some signs that read something like

"In an effort to keep our bathrooms sanitary, we have switched to hand blowdryers as opposed to paper towels."
Immediately we start laughing. We do our business then after we wash up, my mom suddenly whips out paper and pen from her purse, starts writing something then tucks it in by one of the signs.

It was toooo funny! Now I know where my brother and I get some of our nuttiness from (Dad, the other half is from you.)

Saturday, March 1, 2008

The SpongeBob Test

The kids testing their nana on her SpongeBob knowledge:

Hunter: "Who's Mr. Krabs?"
Nana: "The owner of the Krusty Krab."

Hunter: "Who is Sandy Cheeks?"
Nana: "The squirrel who always wants to go back to Texas."

Hunter: "Who is Squidward?"
Nana: "Ummmmm.....I don't know."
Hunter: "Nana! He's the squid!"
Nana: "Oh yeah, Oh yeah..He works the cash register."

Hunter: "What does SpongeBob live in?
Nana : "Ummm...A..Uhhh...A pineapple, a pineapple!"

Piper: "Nana, do you like SpongeBob?"

I'm married. I have 3 kids. I have a big nose. Now go on and catch up.

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