Sunday, March 2, 2008

My Mother the Bathroom Police

My mom and I stopped in the outlet mall bathroom while we were shopping last week. While we were walking to the bathroom we realized we had both recently read the same article about those hand blowdryers that are in most public restrooms. Supposedly, people shouldn't use them because they blow bacteria out of the nozzle onto your hands; Paper towels are still the most sanitary.

Anyway, we walk in the restroom and saw some signs that read something like

"In an effort to keep our bathrooms sanitary, we have switched to hand blowdryers as opposed to paper towels."
Immediately we start laughing. We do our business then after we wash up, my mom suddenly whips out paper and pen from her purse, starts writing something then tucks it in by one of the signs.

It was toooo funny! Now I know where my brother and I get some of our nuttiness from (Dad, the other half is from you.)

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