Tuesday, September 2, 2008

She Would Have Been 5 Today...

Wrigley would have been 5 today. Wish I could stay in bed and never get out. Can't write much more.

Other posts about my angel:





Update: I forced myself to swim a million+ laps in my parents' pool this morning in an effort to swim away from my pain and grief. Of course, didn't work. My mental state did improve however to a functioning state at least. Spent the rest of the day painting for my mom.


Swirl Girl said...

You so need a hug right now...

these milestones will always be important and you have every right to feel the way you feel.

happy birthday wrigley

scargosun said...



I'm so sorry. And I read your other post; you're right to be thankful for pictures. My husband lost his firstborn son, he was premature and lived just over 3 weeks. He has NO pictures of him, the pictures that were taken were later thrown out by his ex (the baby's mother).

Weith Kick said...

I like it when Piper talks about Wrigley, "my sister," she says.

Kelly said...

Sending lots of Hugs your way...

dani said...

happy birthday wishes going up to your angel, robin... heaven smiles softly and hears EVERY wish.
my thoughts are with you, my dear friend:)

Anonymous said...

It's my first time here, and I can't even imagine what you must be going through. My prayers are with you...

Sammanthia over at Twitter

Ms. Bar B: said...

A very big Happy Birthday to your angel. I am very sure that she spent this day with you in spirit =).

Tammy Warren said...

Oh how I feel your pain. I can say I cannot imagine how you must feel.

I came over to your blog tonight after reading a nice comment you left on mine in reference to your brother. I did not expect to find this.

This day is almost over. I can truly see why a birthday would be hard to handle. My son is turning 8 on Thursday. I was grieving earlier at the thought of something happening to him. He was born very sick and made it. Now, I feel so guilty for that feeling. I should be grateful and not full of creating my own pity party.

I would give you a big hug right now if I could. I hope you were able to reach your brother. I noticed that you had mentioned him on the Twitter sidebar. I am sure he is great person to have and to lean on.

Hang in there. You have a beautiful family that needs you.

I'm married. I have 3 kids. I have a big nose. Now go on and catch up.

Keep it nice or I'll post your email and make fun of you.


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