Sunday, September 28, 2008

Rock N Roll Wine

Last night Paul and I went to a Rock N Roll wine Fest at Mandalay Bay. Over 125 wines from over 50 wineries...5 different bands..Lots of wading in the wave pool listening to Sherwood then The Gin Blossoms who headlined. I used to work with Jessie wayyy back in the day. We used to go see them play after work at a local bar..They were (are) so much fun. I haven't talked to him in a longgg time so I don't even know if he'd remember me but still love them.

Shockingly one of favorite wines was a red zin called 7 Deadly Zins. We favor cabs so this was surprising. Dry, oakey, good legs..We'll be buying a bottle soon. Swirl, have you heard of this wine?
Rodney Strong had a booth there as well..We love us some Rodney cab..

Lots of drunk drunk people there. NO, we were not one of them since we had to drive home but it was amusing watching them. One chick did a face plant in the pool while trying to wade out to her husband who was near the stage (which was in the pool). Her husband ate it soon after..We danced a lot and didn't fall in. Actually I'm surprised I didn't. hahahahahaha!

We went to the after-party where I saw Scott Johnson (Gin Blossoms guitar player) and told him "Great job tonight!" He didn't remember me but was still pretty cool.

After the after-party, we went into the casino to gamble a little. Paul likes roullette but I'm a craps girl. While playing craps, we saw Drew Carey..I yell, "Hi Drew!" He turned around with a big grin and said "Hi there!" Our craps dealer got all man-crushy and "Hey there's Jim Carrey! He's such a cool guy.." The entire table corrected him, "Drew Carrey." Now I know why the dealers aren't or shouldn't supposed to talk in the first place.

At lunch today, after church..Too funny:


Pat said...

Sounds like Sat. night was lots of fun....the after church lunch pictures are sooo cute. *smile*

Swirl Girl said...

I have, indeed, not only heard of this wine. I have consumed many bottle of it. Yum.

I am a big Zinfandel and Pinot Noir red wine fan. I do love me a good cult California Cab once in a while, on someone else's dime...

That sounds like a really fun event- to you ever go the Wine Spectator Grand Tour that is held at the Venetioan every year?

ps- how's your dad doing?

Slick said...

All that drinking and I didn't know nuttin' about it??

Shame, shame...

Could've at least told me!

dani said...

robin, i think i'm relieved you two weren't drinking... for obvious reasons, wine and wading don't sound like a very safe mix, YIKES!!!
drew carey??? cool!!!
i totally love your milkshake photos... toooooooooooooo cute!!!

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