Monday, July 14, 2008

I Didn't Do It..

Warning - Long bitchy post about to ensue. Grab a drink, some popcorn and settle in.

I'm still trying to recover from our trip. The un-packing and laundry is done, I just did the grocery shopping, and I'm fielding my way through voice/e-mails. So why do I still feel totally discombobulated? Because I arrived home from our vacation to find myself locked out of my desktop PC (otherwise known as my 2nd husband/love/soulmate). THERE IS A PASSWORD ON IT. I didn't leave one on it when we left but lo and behold there it was. At first I thought I just forgot I did it and typed in my normal password but it didn't work. Hmm. Tried another one. No. Another one. No. And another. No. My heart started to pound and I felt myself breaking out into a light sweat (I am NOT lying). Ok, calm down..I go through my entire repoitoire of passwords, nothing. I ask the hub if he put a password on. He says no which I believe because he is rarely on that computer which is good because that would be kinda gay because that would mean both my husbands would be...never mind, i have a sick mind no matter what kind of state I'm in.

Long story short, I yell F**K !! then try every password I've ever used EVER. NOTHING. So now, after googling my brains out, I am in the process of hacking in. Supposedly I am not the only num-nut who forgot her password EVEN THOUGH I DIDN'T SET ONE UP so it's somewhat common to be able to hack in and change it. My biggest concern is losing my data. It's not supposed to happen but because I am me, it probably will. Everything is backed up except for the last 3 months of pictures which, of course, is the only thing I'm worried about losing.

So here I am sitting at my laptop in the kitchen instead of continuing my sordid love affair with my desktop back in my studio (I think from now on I'll call it my lair). Even more reasons why this pisses me off:
  • I can't download our Mexico pics from my camera.
  • I can't find my camera cord to hook it up to my laptop to at least get some pics on my blog (my stupid laptop doesn't accept my memory card).
  • I need to scan a few things and email them which I can't do from the laptop.
  • I use Outlook Express so for now I have to actually log into Cox and use their horrendously slow, antiquated and pointless webmail. Hence for those of you who I haven't replied to your emails, now you know why.
  • The U key is sticking on this mo-fo laptop.
  • Who the hell did it? The dog sitters? Why? It had to have been them.

I am a little scared actually because maybe I did do it and can't remember? I know I have the memory of a gnat but not when it comes to my pc. I would have totally remembered. I never think of off the wall passwords at the last minute cuz I know I'd forget them, hence the repoirtoire...I don't believe there is even a minute chance..but maybe? NO! I KNOW I DIDN'T!!

Are these the end of my woes? No. We come home to find out street chip sealed, slurried, or whatever the heck it's called. Someone, probably the dog sitters, drove in our driveway soon after it was done and smeared that shit all over it. The hub tried everything to get it off but it won't. That crap is burned on there. Since our driveway is stamped and stained, the stain will need to be stripped, re-done and re-sealed. Now he's really pissed so I can't freak out anymore about my pc. I have now been assigned of investigating, stalking, and demanding payment from whomever did it. Yes, we know it was YOU dog-sitters (who are licensed & bonded, and yes I will throw that contract stating that they are not liable for any damage they cause in our home in their faces). You are now on the chopping block since I know darn well the city won't fix it. Your arses are mine.

Not that I don't have tons of other calls to return or anything. Now I'll have to battle YOU, dumb dog-sitters.

Anyway, hopefully I'll find my camera cord soon so I can actually blog a little about Mexico. Wish I was there now on the beach with a marg in one hand and a mango in the other..


dani said...

robin, i wish i were with you (on the beach with a margarita in hand:)!!! and i don't even have a locked computer nor a stained drive-way!!!
ps. good luck!!!

Kelly said...

Totally sucks!!!Not only facing the post vacation blues, but now this stuff. Dog Sitters, BEWARE!!!

Swirl Girl said...

so 1) I don't feel sorry for you about coming back from vacation.
at least you had one

2) welcome to your first senior moment

3) reservations have been made at Boca Del Vista for you and your soon to be odd shade of orange hair (M.O the T know what I am talkin' about)

4) Tag your it! I tagged you, so come up with stuff without the letter 'u' in it.

LisaPetrarcaBlog said...

Why do we have to ALWAYS pay for having a vacation? I swear, your life sounds EXACTLY like mine. Makes ya almost afraid to take one, you never know what you'll come home to...OH MY GOSH...PASSWORD BLOCKERS! What is the world coming to?!?LOL!

Glad you were able to at least have a fun time in Mexico, that's one of our fav spots to go. Hope everything turns out okay and glad your back safe!

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