Sunday, July 13, 2008

Back to Reality

We're back. Mexico was so relaxing, it's soo hard to leave. Visiting our family and friends in Arizona was fun too but I'm already homesick for the beach. That song by Eminem, Back to Reality, has been playing in my head all weekend (which sucks because he is such a dweeb), blah. ;-)

Thanks to my wonderful guest bloggers, Keith, Jill, Dani, and Kari. I totally dug all of your posts..

To my big bro: Reading about Lily made me sad..I remember how the boys would chase both Theo and Lily around the house which was soo funny..Imagine two three-legged cats sliding around corners to get away from two crazy boys. I miss Theo too since we only got to see Lily when he was alive. Now she runs from us like the plague when we visit. Your post about your musical tastes made me laugh. I'm always so confused when I draw your name at Christmas and I read your list of CD's I've never heard of, hahaha! You've opened my eyes to some great bands over the years (even if you ARE adopted..)

Jill: That is SO crazy that people actualy save money to buy clothes to come here! So THOSE are the gals I see walking up/down the strip or in casinos in their stilletos, glitter, and gold lame IN TOTAL PAIN (and looking pretty ridiculous). Seriously, was the last thing they saw on tv that show from the 70's called Vegas (go Dan Tana, I loved him)! I love being comfy in my shorts and flip flops when we go on the obligatory visit to the Strip with our out of town visitors. I will admit I do like dressing up when the hub and I go see a show but it's more White House/Black Market apparel than Hookers R Us hoochie-mama clothing. It's true also that people think that if you live in Vegas that you literally live either next to, in, or behind a casino. Like Vegas is all of 5 square miles. "Wow, you mean that you have schools AND a grocery store?" "Yes, moron and we can valet at the mall too."

Dani - I can totally picture you pool bar diving at the Moon Palace. I'd be right there beside you girlie probably making the conversations even more confusing. What a great story about your great aunt riding with Capone. You should write a post about it! I think our grandmother was almost kidnapped by Poncho Via but I need to check on the details with my mom. Next time you guys plan a Cancun trip, lemme know! :-)

Kari - Girl, what can I say? I luv ya! I don't understand why you don't feel worthy to own and operate Retro? You are my cupcake hero, chicka. I've never known anyone who has run a bakery and am always totally impressed when I come in. Oh and the cupcakes today were soooo yummy. Everyone go to Retro's blog to see the cupcake painting that my soul sista Erin's daughter painted. TOTALLY COOL !!!!! Pip was bummed she couldn't hang out with the Lucy Girl..Darn you, let me take her for a couple hours next week so she can get out of the bakery! Viva La Retro!

After unpacking, laundry, swimming and other random household stuff, I am too tired to blog more about our Mexico trip. I'll bore y'all with our pics tomorrow..Mommy out.


dani said...

the next time we go i will let you know (i've GOT to get a passport... always used my birth certificate before:)!!!
again, it was a pleasure. i'm happy you had a good trip and totally empathize with your missing the beach!!!

Jill - GlossyVeneer said...

It was fun doing a guest post. Now we need to make up for our missed Starbucks run. I'm out of town a lot of this week, but maybe next week?

Weith Kick said...

HA! Dan Tana! How funny! I totally remember that show, although I was never really into it. Who plaed Dan Tana? I can see him but can't remember his name. He was also on the 70s show SWAT. Loved that show! He's dead now.

I'm married. I have 3 kids. I have a big nose. Now go on and catch up.

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