Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The New Sombrero

Learning to knit: fun (but geeky according to Paul)

Taking a private knitting lesson: again, fun-the gal was hysterical (but even more geeky according to u know who)

Finishing my first hat: Proud (and surprised when the man says "Wow, it's cool !")

Here's Pip modeling the hat as well as her cheerleader outfit that her aunt and uncle gave her for Christmas. She wears this dress all the time! Now Hunter wants me to knit him a black skull cap for snowboarding..Here we go again..


The Head, The Tail, The Whole Damn Thing said...

Very nice! I'm impressed.

Pat said...

Pretty hat Robin, you do nice work....

I'm married. I have 3 kids. I have a big nose. Now go on and catch up.

Keep it nice or I'll post your email and make fun of you.

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