Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Don't let the dreads hit ya where the good Lord split ya

Does anyone other than me think that Jason totally sucked last night on American Idol ? I liked him a lot at first but week by week I get the distinct impression that he just doesn't try very hard. Ick, last night was badd with a capital B. Even his dreads were gross. I may vow not to watch AI anymore if Jason doesn't leave tonight. Seriously America, get with the program!

Also, I thought Simon was too hard on Syesha, who I am not a fan of really. She did a great job on her second song. Normally Simon and I are eye to eye but not this time.

Anyway, the David's are still my faves even though I know David A. doesn't really have a genre that he could fit into on the airwaves. Maybe adult contemporary at best. David Cook's Duran Duran song was so cliche and boring, I was shocked. His second song was awesome (even though sitting here I can't remember it. I'm sure it's the wine..)

Let the chips fall where they may tonight (but they better be cowchips all over Jason). The funniest thing was when the hub said, "The saddest thing about Jason is that he is just dumb. If he doesn't go American Idol is rigged." You have to know him to realize how funny this was. Speaking of the hub, he should be walking in any second so time to finish up cooking dinner.
Sauteed chicken with red bell peppers and onions, yum..He just walked in, I love it when he comes home..

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