Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Toddler Files

I am exhausted. Let me restate that - Hunter and I are BOTH exhausted. He fell into his bed tonight and fell asleep instantly. Guess why: a 3 year old named Piper. Between not listening at the grocery store by getting out of those annoying car carts then freaking out in the check out line because I wouldn't buy her a bouncy ball, I am tired. I'm talking lying-on-the-floor-kicking-and- screaming-while-the-cashier-pretends-like-it-isn't-happening-but-she's-gritting-her-teeth FREAK OUTS. Seriously, try punching in your pin number on the debit card machine while trying to hold (wrestle) a toddler who is trying to run out of the checkout line to chase her brother who is putting the ball back. This is the kid who at dance all the moms say what a perfect kid she is because she always listens, never gets in trouble and is always happy and pleasant. I laugh when the moms say it because I know NO child is perfect, definitely not any of mine LOL. They never believe me when I tell them she definitely has her moments.

Cut to going to Walgreens to pick up my prescription, the drive thru is taking forever. Of course, ONCE AGAIN, they mess up my meds and give me generic. A still screaming toddler (who by this time has boogers and some sort of black dirt substance on her face from the grocery store floor) plus a grumpy teenager leads me to take it all out on the poor pharmacy tech (who deserved it because she was snotty in the beginning of our conversation). The convo basically she accusing me of not telling her it was a brand only script and me telling them to get their act together, I go through this almost every month, it's in my file to give me brand only (for some reason the generics don't work on me) and I am SICK OF THIS. Once they confirmed that I was right (it was in my file and they did screw up) 10 minutes later, we drive away with the toddler now saying how happy she is because she can roll her window down with her foot on the button. Teenager and mom stare at each other and wonder when toddler's head is going to spin around.

Cut to home - Toddler fussy again, teenager and mom unloading groceries. Toddler goes in time out for pulling her brother's hair continually plus smacking me in the butt continually. I don't know why because we are not a spanking family. Give up trying to tell her we don't hit and it makes Jesus sad when Toddler runs out of time out into her brother's arms because she's mad at me. Teenager crumbles and starts to baby her which makes me mad because 2 seconds before he was the one putting her in time out.

Cut to phone call from hubby at work - Slight bickering match which normally would be nothing but because I am already SO on the edge, I make it a bigger deal than it should be. Nothing like putting some extra spice in a marriage I guess.

Cut to dinner - In a nutshell, Toddler fusses during dinner. Bo-Bo and I have had it. Toddler loses her bedtime books plus didn't get stickers for listening today.

Cut to bedtime - We get ready for bed, toddler is mad because she doesn't get her books. I still rock and sing to her though because that's my fave part of our bedtime ritual. I snuggle my nose into her hair and hold her tight while we sing our last song,her favorite, Jesus Loves Me. When I tuck her in she smiles, gives me big kisses and hugs then tells me to "Have Fun Mom!" as I leave her room. I laugh because I guess it may have been a little obvious I just needed to fall face first on the couch and chill for a bit. I tell her I love her, catch her kisses she throws me then leave the room.

Cut to Bo-Bo's room-He's fading fast, tuck in, say prayers, kiss, hug, luv u's, then he tells me his lil sis exhausts him and falls asleep.

Although I am grateful that she keeps these moments confined to her family (mainly) and doesn't show them to the public at large, plus I know these are normal things that happen during the toddler years, yet.......I AM STILL EXHAUSTED.

PS. Fender Bender update - We both felt fine this morning. No soreness but I think that both us are a little rattled today, hence above.


Weith Kick said...

Funny, in a sort of that sucks kind of way.

Retro Bakery said...

I get the same thing with Lucy..."she's the PERFECT child." YEAH, right. YOU CAN HAVE HER!! ha ha ha!

LiteralDan said...

If I had a day like that, my post would be 3 times as long, as I rambled and raged on and on. You showed admirable restraint. Here's to a better today!

dani said...

does that mean you did or did not get to watch idol, last night???

lmao, totally kidding!!! what a day at party of five, huh:b i am glad you and pip are ok (not sore)!!!

d xx

The Herzog Family said...

I'm glad to hear that you also have those days, it's kind of comforting to know that I'm not the only one in the grocery store with a screaming toddler on the floor!

I'm married. I have 3 kids. I have a big nose. Now go on and catch up.

Keep it nice or I'll post your email and make fun of you.


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