Thursday, May 1, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance

After dinner break dancing:

I can't believe I got this picture below. It was a split second pose while he was spinning (or trying to). Hysterical.

Just found this picture of Hunter on my camera. He must have taken it while we were cleaning up. Nice nostril bo-bo. Love his freckles.


Pat said...

WOW my son and grandkids sure can dance.....

dani said...

you guys crack me up:D do you always have this much fun??? hope your weekend has been a good one.
dani xx

kristen said...

That's great. A lovely moment to look back on.
PS I'm all for the choc. chip cookies.

Robin said...

dani - I wish we always had this much fun ! We definitely have our nights when everyone is grumpy and no one wants to play..


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