Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I got Nuthin

Blogger won't let me add any pictures so I'm sitting here trying to think of something to write. I wish I could upload a picture of myself right now. Bed head, a little makeup around the eyes and I just realized I still have my nightguard in (I am a teeth grinder).

I'm thinking of a blog overhaul. I'm getting tired of basic black. There are some coool bloggers out there who design awesome blog templates. I'm thinking about this one. It's the Purple Diva from her 6/5 post. Or scroll down and look at Corkboard Notes. I'm a sucker for paisley. It made me laugh because the hub is always leaving me notes to get stuff done because he knows I'll totally forget if he just tells me. Hint: I like the Diva one better..My new blog title could be: Dawling, make your own *#& dinner.

I'll keep my blog URL but will probably change Party of Five to something else..Maybe something like, "Lord, I pray for my sanity to come back" or something like that. My blog will still be about our party of five as well as my other insane ramblings but just think it's time to change the name. Anyway, I'd appreciate any suggestions you have but you won't win anything, just some self satisfaction that you're helping me.

I'm adding my first link button today. It's for a blog called The Secret is in the Sauce. Awesome blog for us bloggers who want to increase their traffic.

Ok, first potty break of the day done (Mom and Dad aren't you glad you stopped by today?) and finally took my nightguard out. That dang thing makes me gag so much when I take it out. My hair up for Pip (she gets mad at me when I come in to get her in the morning and I don't have one in.."MOM, I TOLD YOU TO PUT A PIGTAIL IN!" I have no idea where she gets her control freakness from.

I have nothing to do today. I just realized it. This is SO RARE. The hub is out of town until this afternoon, Hunter is out of town with his dad so it's just Pip and me. I could do some laundry, or vacuum dog hair up I guess..I think not though. It'll be a Pip and Me day. Speaking of Pip, I hear her upstairs trying to sneak out of her room. Time to vamoose.

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