Friday, August 1, 2008

Meet the Undomestic Diva!

The Undomestic Diva has spoken..

1) You are a glass of wine. Describe yourself.
Nutty and aged

2) Favorite family vacation? Favorite one with out CandyAss?
We're not very good at vacations around here because we can never agree on going to the same place. So Candy Ass has his fishing trips and I... wait a goddamn minute... I'm getting screwed on that deal! Thanks for pointing it out...

3) Is Elvis really dead?
No. It's a little known fact, but Elvis is alive and well, performing nightly in Tijuana. (I saw the fliers myself.)

4) How is your cafepress venture going?
Um... I should probably put a little more effort into, which I haven't yet, so I'm not really pushing it. (Read: No one's buying shit.)

5) How come no one ever responds to me on twitter?
Truth be told, I've just realized what it means to Twitter. I used to just post random things that popped into my head and didn't follow anyone else. Narcissistic, I know. Then I suddenly realized how Twitter actually worked and I'm hooked. I actually went to bed last night, saw something funny, and felt an undeniable urge to get back up, turn on my laptop and Twitter it. True story. I'm an addict. But I'm having a hard time breaking into the conversations. People who have chosen to follow me are also choosing to ignore me. So it's not you, it's not me... it's them.

6) What would be your first question to people who live in Antarctica?

7) Who is your favorite relative and why?
Oh sure, get me in trouble.

8) What is the coolest thing you've seen on someone else's blog?
There's a lot of cool shit out there. I once had to copy Jennsylvania's idea (with her permission, of course) having people describe their life story in 6 words or less like Hemingway once did. It was very profound, right up until Dad Gone Mad responded with "I jerk off with two hands."

And now for random crap:

beer or wine Wine
(red) and make it cheap

water or soda

jay leno or david letterman
Letterman, for sure

simon, paula or randy
While Paula is one fun train wreck to watch and Randy's got the slanguage down, I have to say Simon is the most tolerable. The most real. Or maybe it's that he's the least obnoxious. I had to quit American Idol last season when they axed Michael Johns too early on. He was one hawt Austrailian, eh mate?

toilet paper on the holder or on top of the toilet
On top. We actually just bought our first toilet paper roll holder... for decoration, I guess.

big mac or whoppers
Ick to both, but if I have to choose, it'd be the big mac.

tom cruise - short man syndrome? Yes or No?
This is a classic example of "What The Fuck Happened?!?!" Short man syndrome, control freak and scary mutha fucka wrapped into one tiny little couch hoppin' package.

I enjoyed digging through your blog. Love how you write about CandyAss. It's a much better name than mine, who I call The Hub (boring). Thinking of changing it to Anti-Blog Man..or maybe I'll have a contest..

They're all anti-blog... Candy Ass constantly feels the need to prefice everything with "this isn't going to be on your blog, right?" and I'm like, oh yeah, no way, don't worry and then hurry and publish it. Hey, he's not my boss.

Thanks for the interview! Great questions and I had fun.


dani said...

robin, AWESOME!!!
random ramling...
i love your questions; and i love diva's answers. that "describe your life in 6 words" thing is great:b i know about twittering but didn't know i could converse about it??? i didn't know you had it either, but i see it, now!!!
i'm going to have to check it out...

Kari Haskell said...

great job! Very interesting read!

Swirl Girl said...

Instead of a meme, this interview gig is more like a youyou, right?

love the idea

Kari Haskell said...

hey you!
try these in portland:

good to see you today!

Weith Kick said...


Tabitha said...

That was really great ~ I have just popped over from Danis blog to say hello!!
Love your blog ~ will be back to visit again soon XXXX

I'm married. I have 3 kids. I have a big nose. Now go on and catch up.

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