Sunday, August 10, 2008

She's Back!!

I'm back! We were in Portland for 5 days then Seattle for 3. Both
cities were beautiful and had so much to do and see. I'll post a
couple pics later...maybe even a few of yours truly catching a fish at
Pike's Fish Market.


Swirl Girl said...

welcome back!
I left you a little something at my place.

I was on vacation too!

Claudious said...

Welcome back! Portland is great, I'm looking forward to seeing your pics, and I'm glad you had fun!

Kelly said...

Oooh, I'm so jealous! My BFF lives in Tacoma - I Love, Love, Love that part of the country!!!

Weith Kick said...

did u see the major award i left u at my place?

I'm married. I have 3 kids. I have a big nose. Now go on and catch up.

Keep it nice or I'll post your email and make fun of you.

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