Friday, October 3, 2008

God, I'm SO Sorry Eve Ate That Apple.

Last week I had my yearly and all that that implies ugh. But let's back up a moment and set the stage so you may understand my mood of that morning.

A rather unusual smooth morning getting the kids ready for school. No dawdling (my mom's favorite word), no mouthiness, no food spilled on our school clothes, and some strange alien-like cooperation when getting in the car. this was all the Pip.... Hunter is the easy morning child.

Dropping Pip off at her little pre-school. Smooth. Driving to Starbucks. Smooth. Waiting at the pick-up window for my coffee..A long but smooth wait. They were almost done brewing a new pot of decaf so I had to wait a minute or two. No big deal. I was jammin to some Sirius..Luv me some Sirius.

Starbucks dude leans out and hands me my coffee AND a coupon for a free cup of any coffee on my next visit for being so sweet, cute and lovable..oh and for agreeing to wait a minute or two.

NOW there is a huge smile on my face. I know where I'm headed next and I almost don't care...THEN I get there. I walk in with my yummy Starbucks and check in. Even though I am not a new patient, I had to fill out everything again, always an irritant, but I'm still good cuz I have my cup o'joe. As I finish up, the gal at the desk advises me no food or drink in the waiting room so I'll have to take my coffee outside. NOW the irrititation starts. I take a big swig, glare at the gal who has shaved her eyebrows off and painted in fake ones, and walk outside. I put my coffee in the green monster then come back in and wait.

I'm in the room. Long story short, as I am on the table, my 'visitor' decided to stop in. At that very moment. Appointment aborted. My OB said to come back in 2 weeks. MORE irritation.
My day was taking a dump pretty quickly.

I leave and take the green monster in the to get the oil changed and have them check out my check engine light. It'll take 30 minutes they say. Yeah right I'm thinking. Sure nuf, almost 2 hours and a special part ordered, they still aren't done. I told them several times, I need to be out of here by 11:45. Speed it up. 11:45 comes, MY TRUCK IS STILL UP ON THE RACK.

I lean through the window and yell, "Get my truck off the rack! I need to pick up my daughter NOW!" They stare, my truck comes down, I leave. I'm outside grabbing the keys from the mechanic. I step off the curb too early, my ankle bends in half, I fall off and stumble against my truck. The mechanic advises me to be careful or I could break an ankle. I glare at him, mumble something in Spanish, grab the keys, jump in and slam the door.

My day was now officially crap.

Other things that happened last week:

*I got a callback for the musical I auditioned for. I went yesterday for the 2nd audition.
*I put my husband on a plane so he could spend the weekend with the guys back home.
*I got a hickey at a 4 year old's birthday party.


dani said...

lmao, i was reading, maggie looked at me a burped, i got tickled, and then continued reading. i was half way into the next paragraph when i realized that your period was your visitor and not the lady with the painted on eyebrows:b bahahahahahahaaa!!!
damn, i never could do more than one thing at a time!!!

dani said...

oh, and congratulations on the hickey and the call-back!!!

greedygrace said...

Please give hickey details!

And, from reading the last couple entries, you're.... um, well.... not the most graceful person. Please be careful. I don't want your next blog post to be written from a hospital bed while you're in traction!

Hope your call back went well!

I'm married. I have 3 kids. I have a big nose. Now go on and catch up.

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