Friday, November 21, 2008

Jake and the Meltdowns

Today was a busy day. The 3 year old decided she hadn't met her quota for her weekly meltdowns so today was her day to catch up. This was on her agenda while getting the casita ready for my son and his friends' visit on mine. The meltdowns won out.

Meltdown #1 - Apparently not opening a box of snacks in the grocery store fast enough constitutes a screaming child in the toilet paper aisle...Fannntastic.

Meltdown #2- One of my girlfriends calls to talk I'm while still grocery shopping. Mommy is now not paying full attention to the 3 year old. Nuf said.

Meltdown #3-Same 3 year old has a ONE HOUR meltdown later on at home when I wouldn't give her anything but fruit for a snack. The 14 year old finally yells at me "JUST GIVE HER WHAT SHE WANTS MOM!" Mom does NOT give in. That statement turns out to be the beginning of the end for the 14 year old.

Meltdown #4- I sign on to check the 14 year old's grades. Found a bad grade. I lose it. He is officially in Crap City.

Meltdown #5- I check the 14 year old's room to make sure it's clean. I make the mistake of walking into his closet. My automatic Lose My Crap button is pushed once again. He is now past Crap City and into the Diarrea Barrio.

(Internal) Meltdown #6-It hurts to walk up and down the stairs. I blame this on my spin class yesterday. Since the instructor, Andrew, knew I was in it he pushes the class to it's limit in order to punish me for some unknown offense I have done. I text him later and tell him he's a spin tyrant and that he shall be punished in his next life. He texts me back and tells me he's laughing at me. Jerkstore.

As the day goes on, my mood improves. My baby is coming to visit. Ok, so he's 19 now but still my firstborn. I can't wait to see him. Jake is definitely my child..the younger version of me except he has much more energy, even more mischevious (which my parents totally disagree with), and has the ability to make the house explode as soon as he walks in it. This should be a fun and adventurous weekend. Oh yeah, I have a couple lectures prepared for him though. He'll be thrilled, as usual.

He's here now. Well, he was..After dinner, a game of pool, some hootin and hollerin, he and friends went out to meet some of his high school buddies. Scary.

One day I'm gonna take this hat while he's sleeping and burn it.
then I'm gonna take out those lip rings..Ugh. He's too handsome for those things.
Did you see Naked G.I. Joe? That's a post all by itself.


dani said...

whew-wee!!! that sounds like a bottle of wine kind of day, robin:P
i hope you all have a fantastic weekend:) can't wait to read about gi joe, ha!!!

Swirl Girl said...

Hit the crap tables, that should make you feel better.

Love the diarrhea barrio line!

robot.rawr said...

aww well i am happy that you found out he was coming. never answered me... lol but whats new.

I'm married. I have 3 kids. I have a big nose. Now go on and catch up.

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