Monday, November 3, 2008

October in Pics - Prepare Yourself

A Halloween tip. Don't drive 45 minutes to the middle of nowhere to explore a haunted cornfield in the middle of the day. It's hot and sticky..We still had our brand of family fun though.

I ate him with some favre beans and a good bottle of chianti.
The following weekend we visited our local pumpkin the freeway...Only in Vegas.
Again, a hot day. No smiles here..

Tackling a naughty toddler who didn't want to leave.
Later that night...'decorating' Piper's pumpkins.
Halloween party at school. Piper and her 'boyfriend' Ricky Bobby.
Ricky Bobby is so proud of his Batgirl.
Hunter didn't want to dress up this year. I guess 14 year old boys are too cool to dress up anymore..Mom is sad! ;-(

Pip Batgirl was the star of the evening..

The girls came over to carve earlier in the day while the kids ran a-muck in the house.

Luv decorating for Halloween. A couple of pictures. I'd taken most everything down by this point.

I have a secret..shh!

I didn't buy ANY Halloween candy! I meant to go earlier Halloween daybut it got away from me. We went to our church Halloween bash in the early evening. I meant to pick some up on the way home but then forgot we were invited over to our friend's house to hang out over we weren't even home to pass out candy! I felt soo guilty..for about 10 minutes....but now I'm glad we don't have any left over candy in the house, just Pip's.

Hanging at our homie's house. We are the ugliest bees we've ever seen:

Sad but soo true...


Swirl Girl said...

It looks like fun was had by all.

Love the Ricky Bob Jimmy Joe guy.

and Pip looks as hot as a little batgirl can look if a batgirl could look hot....

DysFUNctional Mom said...

Great pics! Looks like a fun month.
We bought Halloween candy, but my crazy hubby forgot, shut all the lights off, and hid from the Trick or Treaters.
I think he just wanted to keep the candy, that's what I get for buying the good stuff!

dani said...

so cute and so fun... we never really got our halloween on here, but there were no little ones around to inspire me to do so, either!!!
that cartoon is sad. are there a lot of foreclosures in your neighborhood, r???

Pat said...

All the pictures looked like everyone was having fun.....Batgirl looked so precious...I love her costume. The bees I have to admit weren't so cute...good costumes though....I can't believe Piper was not afraid to swing that high? Hunter is growing up fast.....

Weith Kick said...

What is that bungee thing Hunter and Piper did? Did Piper like it???

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