Sunday, February 3, 2008

Brown Hair

So I went in for my usual 6 week color appointment to touch up my red but for some reason came out a chocolate brown brunette. Oddly enough I like it. It's darker than my natural mousy brown which is all I care about. Sometimes you get bored with the norm and need a change. I'm sure this won't stay forever but it's a change. Paul likes my "70's" haircut..funny. The jury is still out on Hunter and Piper. I love my gals that do my hair. Liz and I laugh hysterically while she colors me and Luba makes ME laugh while she styles my hair. She told me on Saturday in her thick Ukrainin accent, "This color much better for you. Just don't straighten it..makes your face look fat. I hate it when people lie to your face about your hair." Now how can I argue with that logic?

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