Wednesday, April 23, 2008

2 Dogs, A Toddler and a Visit to the Vet

Time for Baxter and Daisy's first check up. Here's how it went.

Put the Pip in her car seat. Start movie.

Run in house, grab both leashes, clip on the dogs while they both jump around on me.

Take them out to the Green Monster and lift each dog into the back. Carefully shut the back.

Drive like the wind to the vet while Baxter is howling at the top of his lungs. Pip and I try and calm him down.

Arrive. Get Pip out and sternly warn her to stay right next to the truck so I can get the dogs out.

Open back. The dogs are still on their leashes which are now completely tangled up.

Check on Pip, begin untangling, Pip starts to move, Baxter jumps out. I say "Crap!"

Pip back in place, dogs untangled, both out, now we walk into the vet.

The receptionist actually asks me to fill out a clipboard of paperwork while holding two dogs, a toddler and my purse. I quickly think of a couple responses I won't write but say nothing and fill it out.

Weigh each dog - Baxter 35 lbs (4 lbs overweight) Daisy 30 lbs (1 lb overweight)

Go into exam room. I get to unleash them and plop down in a chair. Pip sits next to me a toy stethoscope and starts checking my heart.

Check out. Repeat the loading procedure in reverse and drive home. Everyone is quiet and relaxed including me surprisingly.

Synopsis of Vet:

Baxter has an ear infection in both ears. I was soo not expecting that. Daisy has a small cyst under her right eye that I thought was a tick. Baxter gets meds daily for the next 10 days, an old scab clipped out of his coat (gross), Daisy's teeth are very yucky, followed by Baxter so both of them now have a dental visit scheduled for next week. Daisy's cyst will be removed while they are anesthisized for their teeth cleaning.

Yes, we have had dogs before so I know the routine but with two at a time this is whole new ball of wax..which they pulled out of Baxter's ears.

Huddling in fear of Piper examining them.

Still trying to examine them in the exam room. Pip's lovin it.

Meeting their new vet.


Pat said...

Double Trouble....they are cute dogs...what kind are they and how old?

dani said...

what a coincidence. mine went to the vet today as well... just one and no toddler, lol!!!
thus, i didn't have near the trials nor tribulations you had. however, maggie (my 2 year-old king charles spaniel) is a bit of a baby and a little ocd.
when i went to retrieve her, the tech told me that she is not kennel-boarding material as she didn't eat, drink, nor potty all day:(
she was one happy puppy-dogger when she saw me, and she did all her business two steps out of the vet... LITERALLY!!! we stopped and got her some water at mcdonalds; and, she was good-to-go;b
ps so glad you stopped by my blog; come back and visit anytime!!!

The Head, The Tail, The Whole Damn Thing said...

When Moushka was alive I remember taking her and Hayden to the vet and how challenging it was. I had to deal with one dog who was a spazzz (Hayden) and another dog that was old and feeble (poor Moushka). It was like dealing with yin and yang at the same time. Balance can be hard.

I'm married. I have 3 kids. I have a big nose. Now go on and catch up.

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