Saturday, April 26, 2008

Dogs, Closet Ball..My Closet is a Mess!

I finally got a picture of the dogs together and actually looking at me (or somewhat). Pip helped a lot.

We have a family game called Closet Ball that we like to play. Last night we played a few rounds but as usual it turned to Piper wanting to bury her daddy in dirty clothes.

Covering Paul in clothes

Hunter in the hamper. Ick.

Seriously, look at my closet. Guess who gets to clean the mess up after.

After, the kids bug Paul while he's in the bathroom.

This is what I looked like as the night wound down (product of a pillow fight)


dani said...

what exactly are the rules of closet ball??? lol, it looks fun buth like a lot of work for you when it is finished!!!
the pic of pip and the pups is so cute. i bet they just love her to pieces<333
~dani xx

Pat said...

What a cute idea...Looks like so much family fun!!! Mom kinda gets a raw deal cleaning up the fun mess though....

dani said...

hey, robin...
i tagged you on my blog (2nd post) via kristen. come play if you like:D
d xx

Robin said...

Dani - Closet ball is kind of like volleyball except sitting down. It's every man for himself to keep the ball up in the air. The round is over when the ball hits the ground. It's actually more fun then it sounds, especially when you have a 3 year old running around in the middle of the game (or when someone falls into the clothes). She normally is the one getting clocked with the ball (it's a very soft squishy ball so no one gets hurt).

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