Thursday, April 24, 2008

No Carly..Don't go! What's up America?

Please tell me that America got it wrong. Why was Carly voted off American Idol last night? She has an amazing voice with a great range. I don't get it. I am a Brooke White fan but seriously shouldn't she have gone instead? Not a Syesha fan but the girl can belt it out. Neither her or Carly should either have been in the bottom 2. Either Brooke or Jason should have gone...and yes, call me a goob but I do text my votes in after the show so don't tell me 'if I would have voted maybe she would have stayed."

To be honest, I think Brooke got the LDS vote and Syesha got the black vote (and I don't mean that at all in a racist way people!) so that left Carly out in the cold maybe? Guess that's logical but I'm still not happy with her gone. At least she handled it well. I think she was ok with it because she's still in the top 10 so she'll be going on tour. I bet she's sure that a record contract is somewhere in the near future as well.

Oh well, my overall fave though is still a tie between the Davids..

Side note - I seriously need a Chocolate Fountain from Retro right now. Bedtime instead.


Retro Bakery said...

I think it'll be EVERY DAY after April. :) People love the FOUNTAIN!!

dani said...

you are right, robin, the bottom two were all wrong. it should have been jason and brooke (although i kind of dig jason... i'm a sap for pretty boys).
i hope david wins... not archuleta (that kid kind of nerds me out, but he may just be the product of an over-bearing stage father:[, so i probably should reserve my opinion.)
but, carly had an incredible voice and should have been in the final three, imo. simon was just really tough on her week in and week out: i think it took its toll on her as well as the general audience:(
love and blessings,

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