Monday, April 21, 2008

Introducing Baxter and Daisy

We have two new additions to our household! We adopted Baxter and Daisy (they're between 5-6 years old) from a rescue shelter on Saturday. They're brother and sister & are just the cutest dogs ever. Their owners went through a divorce and for some reason couldn't keep them. When the kids and I saw them in their kennel they were cuddled together looking so sweet and sad. They just melted our hearts.

Paul stayed at home waiting for our friends to come in for the weekend. He had no idea we were going to come home with 2 dogs. Ok so he was pretty frustrated with me but as of today, his heart has started to melt (as I knew it would).

Since they're older, they are pretty mellow (which is great because our last dog was completely psycho -that's no lie!) and the best part is they are HOUSEBROKEN already! Wooooo Hoooo! Since I'm the one getting up with them at 5 AM (I have 2 doggie door consults this week already) to let them out at least I can praise the previous owners for dealing with the poopy/peepee indoor accidents rather than me!!

Daisy is a couch potato while Baxter is the adventurous one but they both love to go for walks (a million times a day - who says I need anymore Tae Bo - I have these dogs now). I was worried they would have problems acclimating at first but I was wrong. They came in and explored then jumped on the couch to settle down for a snooze (we're still working on the no couch/bed issue). They met the other dogs in the neighborhood - no problem there either which is great but our last dog (the psycho one) terrorized all the other dogs.

I'm sure I'll be writing a lot more about our new doggie duo..Stay tuned!

Crap, major camera malfunction - Can't post pics of the dogs yet..Workin on it..

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