Wednesday, May 14, 2008

American Idol...Battle of the Davids

Last night was strange. The first round of songs were pretty good. I was shocked when it was announced that David Cook was going to sing a Roberta Flack song...Crazy! Simon was right though, David totally pulled it off. His Switchfoot song was awesome as well..Syesha's first song was amazing then she went downhill from there..She's got a great voice though so I'm sure there's a record contract in her future. Big fake smile girl..

I actually liked David Archuleta's version of Chris Brown's song. I just love that song in general but David covered it well. It showed a younger more hip side of him, FINALLY! I didn't like his Dan Fogelberg song though..Seriously, for the semi finals? Really David! You're 17! I know you're definitely in the adult contemporary genre but not THAT song..Maybe Daddy should be allowed back in pre-production..

I think Cook won the night & Syesha will be gone on tonight's show.

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Jill - GlossyVeneer said...

I agree on your verdict about Cook and Syesha. Although, I think a final 2 of Syesha and David Cook would be pretty cool because both of them have really good marketing potential. David Archuleta may be a little harder to place in the biz.

And I was right there with you about America finally getting it right with Jason last week. Good riddance to bad dreads!

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