Friday, May 23, 2008

Goin, Goin, Goin...Gone Vegi..

My brother and sis in law are in town so haven't had much time to blog this week. I just sat down, read my fave blogs and now am having a rare moment of writers block.

Maybe I'll take this moment to thank everyone for their comments regarding my possible walk down veggie lane. After doing a lot of reading and soul searching, I've decided to change my lifestyle and give up meat. I wouldn't say I'm a total vegan though as dairy and eggs are still in the forecast (at least for now). What to eat though..Hmm. My bro and sis, the kids and I went to Trader Joe's yesterday which luckily has a plethera of vegan foods (which is good for me because I am still learning about various vegi foods, how much protein everything has, etc..). I've discovered tons of vegan blogs as well with some fab sounding receipes including tons of food I already love.

Gotta give lots of love to my bro and sis-in-law (Keith and Misty). They've been SO supportive and helpful this week. They are not vegitarians but are adventurous and healthy in their food choices which just gave me more inspiration to do this. Thanks K&M!

After even more thought, I've decided to create a separate blog to document my (mis) adventures of going vegi. I'll still keep this one going but thought it would be easier to blog and get feedback/advice from other vegis if I create a separate one. I need help though. What should the name of my blog be? I have a couple thoughts:

* Veggie Bitch (ix-nayed it quickly because it's just too negative)
* Vegas Vegan
* I'm Afraid of Tofu - The Chronicles of a Gal Going Vegitarian
* The Vegi Monologues

Any others? I'm open to suggestion..Will let everyone know when the new blog is up.


dani said...

there's always, "las vegan, nevada", "vegan or bust", or "viva, las vegan". HA!!!
have fun:D

Robin said...

Dani - Oh mi gosh, I love Viva Las Vegan! That's so perfect! It's on the list!

Mister-M said...

How about: "Vegan do it!"

If I have to explain it... it probably isn't all that funny...

Fred said...


As Satchmo sang, the birds do it, the bees do it, now Dani does it.

Check out our veggie recipes from the world at


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