Thursday, July 10, 2008

al patron...

today's guest blogger is dani from give me a second to think about it.

as robin is lounging on a beach somewhere in mexico... i find myself remembering my last trip to mexico...

in september of 2006, my husband and i went to the moon palace with my cousin and her husband. we had an awesome time!!!
(i've never been to mexico and NOT had an awesome time;)

(a moon palace visual)

the third or fourth day we were there, we all went to breakfast and drank our way through it (MIMOSAS!!!)... we then went out by the pool and started drinking margaritas.

the palace resorts are all all-inclusive, ie. nothing in moderation!!!

after, a couple of margaritas, my cousin and i decided to hit one of the swim-up-bars. so, we jumped into the pool and swam up to the first bar. there we met several guys from scotland who were in cancun on holiday.

(patron silver)

after a little talk of politics, i announced that i was "treating" everyone to a shot of patron (tequila).

(lol, i've already said the palace was all-inclusive, right!!!)

after everyone had a big laugh, the bar tender said he could do shots for us but not patron shots as they didn't carry that particular brand. hence, i went with cuervo silver...

after doing "shots with the scots", my cousin and i swam up to the second bar. at the second bar there was a group of couples from pennsylvania. this group was all into harley davidsons and cycling.

now, i don't know what brought up the subject (i suppose nothing really had to have brought it up;), but my cousin and i proceeded to tell this bunch about our great aunt addie (who was a "rounder"). the next thing i knew, i had told this whole bunch that my great aunt addie had ridden shot-gun with al PATRON (capone) back in the day???

my cousin started laughing at me as did the crowd, and she said, "guah, dani, how much have you had to drink??? it's "pitino" not patron!!!"

then, i started laughing!!!

(rick pitino)

"how much have i had to drink??? how much have you had??? 'pitino' is rick's last name. you know; the one who used to coach basketball at uk but coaches at louisville, now???"

(al capone)

"it's capone!!!" i continued, "al capone!!!"

needless to say, everyone got a big laugh at our expense... well, it was really not "at our expense" because we probably got the biggest laugh and have since several times...

(al capone's 1930 armored cadillac)

but, it is true...

love and blessings,
dani xx


Weith Kick said...

Sounds like quite a trip. I remember once going to Vegas years ago and staying at a hotel where the drinks were all inclusive. We were there for 3 days attending 3 Grateful Dead concerts and let me tell you...what a long, strange trip it was.

dani said...

i didn't know there were any all-inclusives state-side!!! lol, i bet that was a strange trip...

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