Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Vegas Mystique

(Today's Guest Blogger: Jill from

Las Vegas is a strange city, that's for sure.  It seems to hold this magical and mystical quality for visitors (something I surely appreciate, tourism helps so there isn't a state income tax, so keep coming folks!), but for locals it just isn't quite the same.  Going to The Strip is kind of a hassle, something that is often done by people here only when they have out-of-town visitors.  We sometimes go when we need an escape from "everyday life".

One of things that I love the most is the fashions that people seem to think are "required" for Vegas living.  That's one of the best reasons to go the The Strip resorts, just to check out what people are wearing.  Mostly, it's what WOMEN are wearing that is amusing.  I've often witnessed couples walking around a casino and the guy is dressed in shorts and a t-shirt, like a normal human being would if they are walking up and down a street filled with people and it's over 100 degrees outside.  But the girl will often be wearing some kind of bizarre cocktail mini-dress and she will be coated in glitter.... in the middle of the afternoon.  What's that about?

A few years ago we went on vacation to the mountains outside Boise, Idaho.  While at the Boise airport waiting for our return flight a woman started the small talk with me, talking about how incredible Vegas is and they look forward to their annual trip so much each year.  She said to me, "What are you planning on seeing while there?"  When I told her we lived in Las Vegas and were returning home, her face brightened noticeably, she stood up and yelled to her husband, "HONEY!  Come here!  These people are FROM Vegas!"

The next words out of her mouth, "What casino do you work for?"

She seemed utterly confused, followed by complete disappointment when I told her that I am a webmaster and my husband is an auditor and we hold normal-world jobs.

But then she started talking about purchasing her wordrobe for visiting Vegas, the multiple "gowns" it required and how she has to save up each year to afford her "Vegas wardrobe".  She looked at me and said, "I don't know how you do it, I would go broke if I had to buy all the necessary clothing for Vegas to supply my wardrobe year-round."  I hated to break it to her that shorts, tanks and flip-flops don't cost that much.  I don't even have any apparel I would label as a "gown".

Maybe I'm a little jaded to the experience now, I can't see the glitz as much.  But it sure is fun to have my eyes opened from time to time just how unique this city truly is and how it can turn seemingly normal people into complete weirdos!

(Side Note: I am currently training to run a marathon with Team In Training, raising money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.  If you have a few dollars to spare, please donate to my fundraising at  Thanks!)


Sparkliesunshine said...

Hahaha! I can only imagine the outfits. I live by Atlantic City and those outfits are insane. Vegas must be 10x worse! I bet it keeps things entertaining though.

dani said...

hey, jill... great post. it is funny how people stereotype and assume. i would be willing to "bet" (no pun intended) that most people don't think there is any thing else to vegas beside the strip!!!

Weith Kick said...

Yes, it's befuddling some of the outfits people wear. What amazes me are the female tourists who wear stiletto heels and then walk around town in them! Yikes!

Jill - GlossyVeneer said...

One of these days I should just sit somewhere on the strip and take photos of all the "tourist-wear". It might make for an interesting blog...

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