Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Starbucks and a Greasy Salesman

With Pip at her little morning summer camp, I headed over to Starbucks to enjoy a coffee and interview someone for my weekly review. I settle in a big comfy chair, open my laptop and sign on. No connection. Crap.

A man walks in obviously looking for someone. He sits down in the big comfy chair next to me. I strike up some small talk. He is a financial planner who owns a 2 story building down the street. He’s here to meet some perspective clients who are interested in leasing office space. He jokes about back in the day people used to meet at 7-11’s. I tell him my dad owned a 7-11 when I was growing up and that my brother and I were required to work in it on weekends and during the summer. At that point, his potentials walk in and I grudgingly give up my comfy seat so the three of them can sit together. Not happy at this point. My conversation is interrupted and now I’m sitting in the corner (although with a pretty good view of the store).

So, this client is named Rick and his associate is Lauren. Rick is very full of himself. Talks and talks using big words like Genesis and Impetus when describing how he started his business. Very slick. Think car salesman. When he listens to the building owner, he has that overly interested fake body language which screams “I’m acting like Tom Cruise trying to prove myself by sitting still so I won’t jump on Oprah’s couch again!“ He talks on and on about his life and how he is also a ‘paid’ columnist for some so and so journal. I am tiring of this conversation. Finally, the building owner deadpans “Ok, so you sell health insurance.” I almost choke on my coffee and smirk. He totally has Rick’s number.

My coffee isn’t quite up to par this morning. The barista filled my cup too high so I had to dump some of it out in order to put cream/sugar in it. I spilled some of it on my shirt too. Crap. A group of three talk at a nearby table talk about the ESPYs on Sunday and how great Justin Timberlake was as a host. I mentally agree. He killed it. The show was awesome.

Still can’t pick up an internet connection in here. Currently writing in Word and will copy to my blog when I get home. Overall, so-so Starbucks visit today. I need to up my game during my next visit.


Weith Kick said...

Beginning this month STARBUCKS is closing 600 of its stores. The beginning of the end?

Jenny said...

That is a FANTASTIC place to people watch/listen. They get so distracted by the warm chocolatey coffee, and the cozy chairs that all gaurd comes down and really interesting conversations happen. I used to spend hours there chatting (revealing too much to nearby listeners I'm SURE).

dani said...

"used car salesmen" totally make me want to roll my eyes;S did they include you in their conversation or were you just able to hear from your place in the corner???
have a great afternoon, robin:D

Robin said...

Dani - I was totally eavesdropping while writing what they were saying in Word. hahaha!

Swirl Girl said...

Summer starbucks is waaay different than school year Starbucks.

Teen freaks sitting around bitching about having no money while sippin their $6.00 iced mocha capa frappas....go get a job and leave the too full , too strong coffee to the big kids.

Lovin' me some fat free blueberry cake though.

thotlady said...

I love going into Starbuck to just 'people watch'. Quite fascination really. Of course I like to make up little stories about each person.

You can tell me life is very exciting.

LisaPetrarcaBlog said...

You definitely have the Bloggerception thing down! I don't like coffee...I know, I'm weird. I think I could go for some hot chocolate...didn't know you can get interesting stuff to write about! Thanks for the tip!LOL! Have a good weekend.

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