Monday, July 21, 2008

Bom Dia, Guten Morgen, Buon Giorno, Gunaydin, Buenos Dias, Selamat Pagi

Dear Overseas Reader,

Why are you not leaving comments on my blog? Don't you see that I have no street cred in the blogosphere because there are no orange dots outside of the US on my world map? I know you're out there. I've seen you in the past. Even though I love her in a totally non-gay way, please don't tell me that American in Norway is my only overseas reader.

I love you overseas person. I've been overseas a few times. Will you leave comments now? We may even be tranferred overseas at some point. Am I earnin your love yet? People tell me all the time that I look Italian, Lebanese, or Greek so I know I could totally roll in your hood. Do I have to title this post 'Good Morning' in like 10 different languages to get over this insecure feeling I have ever time I look at my map? Do I need to break out a haiku for you to leave your digital sig?

My overseas love
stroke my fragile ego please
I laugh as I write

Side note - How the heck is it that I've seen blogs that are just a month old and have hits all over the world? Are these bloggers shamelessly pimpin themselves out virtually just to get some hits and comments? Ok so I'm not above that, just tell me how to do it. I've blog-trolled enough, joined blogger this and that, left comments galore cuz I'm a total comment ho..

So, what be-ith the deal-i-o, oh reader residing in any other country but mine?

Do I give off that stalkerish blog vibe? Can you smell the wine on my breath? Do I have another pubic hair in my teeth or something? Ok I've digressed but hopefully I've made my point overseas reader.

I now sign off to dance to some Justin Timberlake, which I realize might scare you off completely...Senorita, I feel for you..


Kimberly said...

I live in Virginia...does that count? xo

dani said...

baahahahaaaa!!! robin, you crack me up... like totally:b good luck!!!

LisaPetrarcaBlog said...

Okay's the secret, and this has really worked for me. Call me desperate, but before I found SITS I would hit "next blog" at the top of the screen. Then I'd make sure it looked like a girls or family site (don't want any crazy guy, weirdo stalkers).

I obviously can't read in chinese or whatever country I happend to visit, but I would comment in english on their pics. You'd be surprised, I had a girl from CHINA, write back in english, really weird to cuz she talked briefly about Christianity and I know that she could've gotten in HUGE trouble if anyone monitored her. Anyhoo, that's how I got my overseas peeps.

Try it and tell me if it works...still get visitors and do it every once in a while if my "other country" map looks slow.

I also wanted to thank you for you comment on my Blog, I REALLY appreciate it...made me feel better.

LiteralDan said...

I'm not from another country, but I'm perfectly willing to pretend to be, because you certainly deserve it. Just give me a second to put on my fake mustache...

(in heavily accented English of your choice)
Hello! I am from The Outside World, and I like your American blog very much. I am jealous of your many freedoms, cheap gasoline, and unrestrained frying of unusual foods.

I have to go now, as I must drive, on the other side of the road and/or car, to a doctor appointment, which will be paid for by the state.

Thank you, you are A+ number one awesome radical!

Swirl Girl said...

Southern California is feeling more and more like 'overseas' every day. Here, let me drive this thing badly and carry no insurance. There- I just looked up where I am going on the map and managed to take out a Prius.

So does that count?

Love Literal Dan's impression of Sacha Baron Cohen.

Robin said...

I'm totally feelin the love from my American comrades..

Kim and Dani - You guys are funny!

Lisa - Thanks for the tip..I'm gonna try that!

Literal Dan - You made me laugh so hard I pee'd a little!

Swirl - I totally see where you're comin from. Time to get a bigger hybrid to fight back!

Jenny said...

I know!! I am baffled by this as well! Then I find myself getting competitive and spending too much time on the computer.
(p.s. I'm in Texas. It's so hot here, just pretend I'm writing you from an Oasis in the Sahara.)

I'm married. I have 3 kids. I have a big nose. Now go on and catch up.

Keep it nice or I'll post your email and make fun of you.

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