Monday, August 18, 2008

More Phone Speak

Me: Hello?

Hub: Hey, what's up. I'm on my way home.

Me: Cool. What d'ya wanna have for dinner tonight.

Hub: Answers way to quickly Let's go out.

Me: Good, I'm craving curry....hmm..he obviously has hated my cooking this week. i'm trying tons of new vegi stuff.

Hub: Is there anywhere where we could possibly go that has curry that doesn't smell like ass?
he hates thai, chinese, or japanese food...and yes, i still married him.

Me: How the hell would i know? Maybe PeiWei?

Hub: Fine..

Me: Ok, bye.


Me: Hello?

Hub: Hey, I'm on my way home.

Me: All right, see you soon.

Hub: Hey, do you remember *Fred* from a few years ago who left the company? Well, he works for a consulting company who hired the firm who's going to audit our company. Freaky. He was the one who blah-blah-blah..

Me: Huh? I'm confused. Who does *Fred* work for now?

Hub: You know, that consulting company that blah-blah-blah...

Me: Wait. Who is *Fred* again?

Hub: Remember? He sent us a Christmas card a few years ago. He left to go to that company that blah-blah-blah...

Me: starting to get a little annoyed So he's coming to town then to do the audit?

Hub: No..he hired the company who is doing the audit.


Hub: You're not listening to me at all are you.

Me: No, I'm not actually.

Hub: I'll be home in a couple minutes.

Me: Bye.



Weith Kick said...

I see you have Mom's listening skills.

Swirl Girl said...

We are twins separated at birth...I swear.

Claudious said...

Can't blame you for zoning out, it's harder on the phone to keep interested, especially when it's... so exciting.

American in Norway said...

I lke the smelling like ass part... Ha

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