Monday, September 29, 2008

Broken Bras, Higher Octaves, and No Shoes

Vocal warm-ups are just embarrasing. There is just no way around it. Try doing them in your car on the way to an audition.

Picture me at a stop sign singing "Ego, Ego, Ego, Ego,etc.." while moving my head from left to right..singing but not moving my lips. Or.."Ha Ha, Hee Hee, Ho Ho, Aw aw aw aw aw aw aw aw awwwwwwwwww" while bobbing my head up and down.

Yes, tonight I auditioned for a musical. I was prepared to sing, I was prepared to read. I was not prepared to dance. Luckily that is more my forte so I was able to pick up the routine quickly. No one else knew there would be a dance segment so we were all in the same boat. The bad thing was that I didn't have the right shoes on so I had to dance barefoot.

Drawbacks to me dancing barefoot:

*I lost 2.5 inches when I took off my shoes. Not good when you're 5 ft nuthin and on stage with people who are much taller than you.
*I am not one who likes to dance with my shoes off. My feet don't slide as easily. I never get how some dancers can do that. Lots of powder and wrapping I guess.

Later, I sang my two songs then they wanted me to sing another that showed more of my range. I sang another. then another. Apparently I kept hitting the same fifth and didn't go to the top of my range. Crap, Schmap, Double Crap.

I wasn't sure if I would be able to use a music stand to hold my lyrics so I memorized my songs. I couldn't remember the order of 4 words in the chorus on one of them (brilliant) so I did what any mature person would do. I wrote them on my left finger so when I held the mike I'd be able to see them. The plan was solid but the stand was there so plan aborted. I spent the rest of the audition trying to discreetly rub the ink off my finger.

Oh yeah and my bra strap broke while I was dancing. We'll see if I get a callback.


dani said...

good luck, robin!!! i knew keith was theatrical; but you've been hiding your light under a bushel:b
ha, for what were you auditioning???

Swirl Girl said...

What is the show you are audtioning for? What songs did you sing?

I auditioned for A Chorus Line once - mnay years ago. I know every word to that show by heart (even now) and danced for many, many years (tap and jazz). I was like Big Bird on that stage and didn't get a call back.

good luck!

Jenny said...

You are so brave! I love your strategies! : ) Let us know how it turns out. I am impressed that you love to dance in shoes, I get rid of mine whenever possible.
Good luck!!

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