Saturday, November 8, 2008

Robin Takes A BrainDump

We're road trippin today so I'm on my iPhone. It never formats
correctly to my blog so enjoy the weird spacing etc....

It's been 10 minutes and there is already bickering in the backseat.
Shoot me please.

I'm laughing now. It probably won't happen much on this trip (I HATE
road trips). Pip is telling us all in spanish "Come'!" (ko-meh) which
means eat. I dutifly bite into my egg mcmuffin minus that nasty
facsimile of ham.

I've got some unexpected inner demons to battle in my I'm
gonna amuse myself now so I can ignore them and take a braindump.

Reasons You Know Your Living In Vegas:

*Your 3 year old recognizes the Stratosphere and calls it as such when
she sees it from the freeway.

*You have to walk through a casino to get to a movie theater.

*You take your family to see Madagascar 2 at the Palms casino.

*You valet at the movies.

*Your 14 year old sees Maybachs, Lamborghinis, Ferraris, Aston
Martins, and a Hummer snowmobile while waiting for our car at the Palm
valet and is totally unaffected by them.

*There are slots in the grocery stores.

*Your friends know celebrities.
-2 of my girlfriends know Wayne Newton and have done some serious
specialty painting at his house. They also know Rita Rudner, Jamie
Kennedy, and Mike Tyson. Ludicrous huh? ;-)

-Our music director for the musical I'm in has worked with a lot of
old school Vegas celebrities.

-My vocal coach has toured with Johnny Cash, George Burns, Bob Hope
and many other people who are 'dead now' as she puts it. She just sang
with Jessica Simpson. That's funny.

-The director for the musical is the creative arts director at our
church but is also a well-known magician, produced a few tv shows,
made a couple of movies, it's not your typical church
performance. Remember, this is Vegas.

*You avoid the Strip like the plague unless you have visitors in
town..or when you get a babysitter then see a show or concert so your
husband & you can actually socialize without kids running around us

Man, we're only over the dam. Ugh, this trip is just beginning.

Paul and Hunter are debating which smells worse: Hunter's feet or
Paul's burrito. Threats of farting are starting. I make a mental note
of working on one myself since both of their farts are more girly than
mine. They will be punished directly (or in a few minutes).

I just let out two huge coffee burps. No one pays attention. The great
feet/burrito debate continues.

I've lost 9 pounds in a month. Probably a little to fast but I chalk
it up to lots of working out, lots of rehearsing, stress, etc.. I passed up M&Ms last night at the movies. Shockwaves are shooting through my friends, family and readers. This
just doesn't happen with Robin.

I need to pee which sucks cuz I have a whopper fart to let out.

Debating debating...better not chance it. Crap.

Paul's grandmother passed away this week hence the road trip home for
the funeral. She was an amazing woman. 89 years of greatness. More on
this in a later post.

26 miles til the bathroom Nazi lets me pee. 2 kids arguing in the
backseat. Fudgefignugen.

So now you have a small peek into how my mind works. If you think I need therapy, I take donations. Or just send me some a nice bottle of cab. Or some chocolate. Sugar free please. I'm in my skinny jeans.

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Swirl Girl said...

sorry for your loss...

and - never trust a fart.

Jill - GlossyVeneer said...

Wow... that's a lot of post in one post! :-) My mind works in a very similar manner, sometimes I think it would be interesting to see a ticker tape of all the thoughts flying through my brain.

greedygrace said...

If my brain looked in the mirror, this is what it would see! Except I only sing in the shower.

And I would get a kick out of going to the Palms to see a movie!

dani said...

aw... sorry about paul's grandmother, r. may she in all her greatness rest in peace:)
i hope you enjoyed the rest of your roadtrip and finally got the opportunity to pee... or vomit, which ever you felt the need to do at the 26 mile mark;b

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