Monday, June 9, 2008

Cancun - Day 4

Chichen Itza

We went to a Mayan ruin called Chichen Itza (rhymes with chicken pizza) about 2.5 hours south of Cancun. This place was full of history and was probably the highlight of our trip. Funny things that happened:

*I packed no real walking shoes so I tripped and stumbled most of the day while walking down the ancient paths
*A Mayan man kissed me after we bought a trinket from him. I spent the rest of the afternoon telling the hub, "I kissed a Mayan."

I am a huge history fan so this place was such a treat. I knew that'd we see a Mayan pyramid but had no idea that we'd tour a ball court, one of the Mayan sinkholes, an observatory, and meet a myriad of Mayan people selling their wares.

Ok Glossy, I totally get how you fainted. The heat was almost unbearable. In your honor, I picked a tree and stood under it imagining how it would feel to have gravel buried in my elbows.

At one point, we're listening to our guide then all of a sudden, BBRRIINGG!!!!!BBBBRRRRIIIINGGGGGGGG!!! BBRRIINGGG!!!! My cell phone is ringing. A couple of sh*#ts later I find it and run away from the group to answer thinking it was my mom who was at our house watching the kids. No. It is our friend and realtor from Tulsa, Debbie.

Me: Sh*# Sh*# Sh*#..Whispering Hello?
Debbie: Hey girl!!! How are ya! I have news! You're never going to believe this, I bought a hotel in Colorado and moving there soon! It's so cool, it's in blah blah blah blah blah blah..."
Me: Whispering...Uh Deb..
Debbie: I'm so excited! I can't wait to move there, blah blah blah blah. So what are you doing?
Me: Whispering...I'm standing in a Mayan jungle in Cancun.
Me: Ok, congrats on the hotel.

I stand there, wipe sweat off my face and turn around to see the hubby glaring at me. It would have been funny normally but since there's about 20 people in our tour group, I just glare back and re-join the group. Note to self: Call Deb back. I am genuinely excited for her. If you ever move to Tulsa, she's your gal.

Anyway, after the tour, we're taken to lunch in the middle of this small Mayan village. Local dancers entertain us while we eat. We then travel to a Mayan sinkhole that they used to swim in. We kicked ourselves for not bringing our suits but here are some pics of people jumping in. It was too cool.

The entire day was a lot of fun. Would definitely recommend it.


After we get back, we shower, eat then hangout in the lobby bar for a bit. This is where the night started. So you have to understand that the employees who won these trips are always very grateful that the company pays for everything. How they show it is by continually coming up to Paul throughout the trip and thanking him. Not a problem. The funny thing is when they start drinking. The majority of the employees are young kids in their 20's.

Cut to the lobby bar: Paul, me, Angela (one of Paul's direct reports) and her hubby Randy are having fun watching all the kids dance to the salsa band. Over and over again, many people come thank Paul, joke with him and chat a bit. As the night goes on, the traffic increases. Finally at one point, this woman (who is not with the company and just vacationing with her hubby) comes up to me and says, "Excuse me, I can't help but notice all of the people coming up and shaking the man's hand who is sitting next to you. May I ask who he is?"

Anyone who knows me knows I will do one of two things. Completely mess with her or just tell her the truth. Since I have to be the corporate wife, I choose the latter. I explain about the hub and the company trip, commend her for her nosiness because I would totally do the same thing, she laughs and goes back to tell her husband. From that moment on, the hubby is now El Presidente. A lot of hooting and hollering plus major AHAHAHAHAHA'S! ensue. We tease the hub that he's 'holding court'. This leads to us dancing then Paul playing the bongos with one of the account managers. Long story short, lots of fun. Hilarious things that happen:

*A young kid full of beer tries to teach us to blow out a conch shell
*Same kid introduces his friend to Paul as his 'boss's boss's boss's boss'
*Same kid tells me "You're too hot for him" while pointing at the hub
*Same kid (when Paul is playing the bongos) says to us all "Do you think Paul likes me?" He is kind of teetering as he asks this.

Here's the kid (on the left) coaching us

Coaching Angela

El Presidente

Later we eat then the hub and I (in total teenager mode) go to a bar called CoCo Bongo. All I can say is CRAZY and totally against fire code. If there was ever a fire, no one would be able to get out. The coolest thing was that there are different dance shows going on throughout the night on the ceiling. Some highlights:

Why is my finger in his ear..


Jill - GlossyVeneer said...

I'm glad you enjoyed "Chicken Pizza" and that you just had to imagine the gravel in the elbow instead of actually experiencing it!

Your pictures there are great, it seems like there are fewer people in the backgrounds than any of the pics we ended up with!

My brother went to Cancun in 2004 and at that time tourists were actually allowed to climb to the top of the pyramid. I was hoping to do that, but in hindsight I guess it's probably good that we weren't allowed to do that, I could have passed out on the top of a pyramid! ;-)

dani said...

we have been to cancun and the cancun area many times and have never done any of the tours!!! chicken pizza, ha!!!, always sounded way too long and waaaaaaaaaaaay too hot!!! i have (i don't know how many) coco bongo medals, t-shirts, and necklaces but have never been there either...
john and i are sooooooooooooooo boring. we go, head to one of the palace resort compounds, and there we stay til they tell us it's time to go:[
the first time we had to leave... robin, i thought i was going to cry. we had had such an amazing and romantic time!!! i'm so happy you and the el presidente had a great trip!!! and it looked like you had great weather, too (no storms like you had thought???)!!!
i hope you're having a nice afternoon:)

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