Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Cancun - Days 5 and 6

Our last two days we just relaxed by the pool and shopped a little bit. The Lakers/Celtic game was on one night so we went to the hotel sports bar to watch it. Funny thing that happened: The 'same kid' who told me the other night that I was too hot for the hub (rolling my eyes) was at the sports bar. As everyone was leaving, he caught Paul's eye and shot him a quick wave then looked at me, shot me the 2 thumbs up then gave me a big wink. It seemed to dawn on him immediately that it came across as strange because he said, "Oh sh*&, I can't believe I just winked at my boss's boss's boss's boss's wife."
On our last night, we had the closing dinner then Paul, myself and some friends went over to a fun restaurant/piano bar called Carlos N Charlies..

Stressed over a text I received from my son's girlfriend.

In the lobby bar after dinner. At Carlos N Charlies. We had glitter on us for days..

Trip over. Flying home was uneventful except that we almost got in an accident pulling out of the hotel parking lot on our way to the airport. Our driver just about t-boned a tiny car. We had about 50 people on this tour bus and Paul and I are in the front seat. I saw the car coming before the driver and as he pulled out in front of it, I yelled** (involuntarily), "HOLY SH*# !!" while the guy across the aisle from us yelled something very similiar. The entire bus got quiet wondering who was yelling up front, then the bus driver slammed on the brakes as everyone yelled and lurched forward.

Ok, Cancun updates are done. No one is more happy than I.

** Reading over these posts, it sounds like I have a potty mouth. Hmmm..Not much anymore, except apparently in Cancun.


Eric Rabinowitz-Author of PEOPLE'S CHOICE GUIDE CANCUN Travel Guidebook said...

I am always very happy to read about people having a wonderful time in Cancun. I really wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed reading your excellent reports and viewing the pictures.

Thank you for sharing,
Eric Rabinowitz-Author

Weith Kick said...

Fucking Awesome!

dani said...

what he said ^^^!!!

I'm married. I have 3 kids. I have a big nose. Now go on and catch up.

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