Thursday, June 12, 2008

Last Day of Pre-School

Today was Pip's last day of pre-school for the summer. I am so grateful that her first two teachers of her school experience were so positively wonderful. She had such a marvelous semester (she started in Feb) and has learned so much in her little 2 day a week class. Her teacher sent home a scrapbook for each child with pictures of them throughout the school year in class and on the playground, plus work that they had done. It is so precious. Both teachers cried when class ended they was so sad to see the kids go.

Excited to find candy in her cubby.

The walls look so barren now that their artwork has been taken down.

Blurry but funny. Notice the little guy in the bottom right hand corner being squished. You can just see his cheek.

We always have to stop in the hallway and measure her.


Pat said...

The pictures are so cute. Piper looks so adorable in her flip flop dress. Way to go Piper!!!! I was very impressed with the teachers and how they interacted with all the kids.

Weith Kick said...

What a ham she is! I love the picture of her finding the candy!

dani said...

pip is a doll, robin:D sooooooooo cute. i'm so thrilled she had such an awesome "first experience" with school!!!

One- said...

Pre-school kids are like the sweetest ever. That's like my favorite age! Thanks for checking out my blog! Can't wait to read more-

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