Sunday, June 22, 2008

Piper's Dance Recital/Grandparent Visit

Piper had her dance recital this weekend. As you can imagine, it was very cute, all the girls looked adorable, and there were tons of great dances from girls ranging from about 3 to 18. Pip's class was no exception. The girls looked like little models. They danced to 'Rad Moves' from The Backyardigans. One of the funniest things was at the end of their dance. A little background first - Some of you may have read an older post of mine where I described one of our after dinner clean up activities: break-dancing. Check out the picture of the hub at the bottom where I caught him in a break dance pose smiling at the camera.

Anyway, at the end of the girls' dance they were supposed to sashe off the stage. Instead, my child decides to lay on the stage and pose just like her daddy's breakdancing move. This was SO not part of their routine but it was SO FUNNY because she struck the pose and KEPT IT until they finally got hustled off the stage. The audience (at least around us) was going nuts. The hub, me, my mom, dad, mother-in-law and Harvey where laughing hysterically. We weren't allowed to video or take pictures since it was professionally video'd (aka: yet-another-way-to-suck-money-out-of-the-parents-besides-making-us-pay-$60-for-the-costumes-without-getting-the-girls'-measurements-then-telling-us-we're-responsible-for-any-alterations...but that is another story), so I'll post the the video when I get it. Anyhoo, their routine was the cutest thing ever. We were so proud of Pip and celebrated at her fave restaraunt, Red Robin, afterwards.

After dinner, Pip was teaching her daddy some of the dance moves from her routine. I wish I had filmed more of it but we were laughing so hard I didn't even think to grab the camera until the last minute. Here's a bit of it:

Saturday was also my dad's 29th AA sobriety birthday. I can't believe it's been 29 years. I know it couldn't have been easy all of these years but he did it. Not only for himself but for our family. We went through a lot back then but it was worth it. We celebrated his success along with Pip this weekend as well. Happy 29th Dad! We are all very proud of you!

This morning both grandmas had some 'recital' gifts for Pip. Note to self: put some tap shoes on, pretend your in a recital so you'll get gifts too. From Grandma she got a cool fashion doll dress up magnet set. Remember our old paper dolls with the fold over tabs? This is SO much cooler. From her nana, she got a Fancy Nancy tutu, tiara, earring and shoe dress up kit. Put them all together and you have this:

Saying good bye to the grandparents today:

Pip, her Grandma & Harvey

Pip, her Nana, and Grandma

Pip with Grandpa

Pip, Nana and Grandpa

I wish her brothers could have been here but they're in Arizona with their dad at the moment. Don't worry guys, you'll see the video soon! Your sister misses you guys!

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dani said...

soooooooooo sweet!!! el presidente need a 44 to go with pip's tutu so they can really perform. i think he's got the moves down to a fine art, HA!!!

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