Thursday, July 17, 2008

Right. Would You Like Some Tea Dahling?

Frig update - The repair guy confirmed the compressor blew. He ordered a new one (under warranty -whew) but it won't be in until next Thursday. lucky me.

I had my first proper English tea today while Pip and I were at my girlfriend Kris's house. She and her family are British. As our kids played, Kris and I hung out and had a couple long political discussions which were just fascinating. I'll touch on one of those in a sec.

So Kris asks if I would like some tea.

me: Heck yes, my first real English tea..woo hoo!
kris: Would you like milk?
me: Yep! I've never had milk in my tea..This is going to be sooo cool.
kris: looking at me like I'm retarded Wow, I've never NOT had milk in my tea. Would you like sugar?
me: Yep. Never had that either in my tea either.
kris: crickets chirping then giggles

She poured my tea from a teapot into my teacup. My mood improves immediately. Yum. Why have I never put milk and sugar in my tea?

kris: You don't have to drink it if you don't like it.
me: I love it and where can I this tea? I feel so proper.
kris: In the UK. I can't find any good tea here. Why do you use a tea bag with a string?
me: laughing So we don't have to touch the hot tea to pull the bag out.

She's a cool chick. It's fascinating seeing America from her point of view. She loves it here and is actually has dual citizenship.

I asked her what is taught about the American Revolution in English schools. Kris said it is very different from we learn. There they teach that since England was so deeply involved with the 100 year war with France, they sent their '2nd string' troops to fight in America. Sick of fighting two different countries, King finally said something to the effect "Oh, just let them have America and be done with it." And that folks is how we gained our independance from the British.
She's is actually very well versed on the American Revolution (which is an obsession of mine) so a great discussion ensued.

I needed some girl time after my day yesterday so today was fun. It was nice to work my brain and have a discussion without having to pretend I'm SpongeBob or Patrick.


LisaPetrarcaBlog said...

Glad your day was better than yesterday and that the compressor was under warranty. You usually hear, "Oh, that just expired last month, sorry!" Have a great weekend!!!!!!

LisaPetrarcaBlog said...

K, I'm back to leave my comment TRIBUTE to you since you beat me tonight:

Oh Robin, how fast you type, how awake and alert you are at MIDNIGHT. Your ability to comment is astounding, you truly are an AMAZING SITSta!

Alright already how was that?LOL!!!

Can't wait till I beat you and get my TRIBUTE...I'm not very good at this sucking up thing, way too competitive.

Oh yeah, I usually take the weekends's sooo on on Monday!HaHaHaHa

Robin said...

Comment tribute accepted, hahaha!
It's SO on for Monday, woo hoo!

Weith Kick said...

You said "tea bag." Heh heh.

Swirl Girl said...

I love the British twist on the very thing on which our country was founded. Sort of shakes the No Taxation thing right off it's pedestal. I can hear the King now, or I can hear George Kastanzas father's voice - "ah, give it to 'em already and let's go to the early bird..."


I guess it's all about perspective.

dani said...

i'm happy we think as we do and they think as they do:) i makes us proud, and at the same time, it makes them not bitter at us!!!
robin, you know the truth lies somewhere in the middle.
i do wish we had kept up the afternoon tea tradition, though. it IS a yummy tradition:b
great post!!!

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