Wednesday, July 16, 2008

At Least I Saved The Beer

I know everyone has a bad day. I am no exception. Today, however, I must have been paying for some sort of karmic incident back in my past.

Crap day officially began when Piper broke a glass cross that was given to me by my dear friend Cindy when we moved from Florida. Pip felt so bad she was in tears for a long time. I saw it happen so I knew it was an accident. My heart broke that she was so upset so I just held her, rocked her and told her it was ok. Still not a good way to start the day.

Next, Pip and I were at storytime today at the library. After it was over, I was in line checking out a few books for her. She wouldn't come stand in line with me as she was watching fish in this tank. I kept calling her but she wouldn't come to me.."Piper, come closer to me." "Pip, come on.." "Piper, get over here!" "PIPER, get over here NOW!" I suddenly hear a Sssshhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! The man at the checkout counter had shushed me. I then look over to the adult side to see EVERYONE staring at me. I forgot I was in the friggin library and yelled at my child! So in order to diffuse the situation, I said what I thought would totally appropriate, "Oh sh*t, sorry! I forgot I was in a library!" What the heck just came out of my mouth? Summation: I yelled AND swore in the library.
Luckily, the guy helping me thought it was funny..and Pip came running laughing at me, of course (she did not hear my bad word). Here's the thing. I am lover of books. I've been in libraries practically since birth and am well read. I respect the library and know how to act in one. All I can say is that there were a million other kids and their moms around me as well so it wasn't quiet. In fact, it was a little loud, hence my "loudness". Of course, in the same karmic loop, I'm the mom who gets judged for yelling in line. I am now inwardly grumpy.

Later in the afternoon, Pip broke a glass. She was not listening, messing around in the dishwasher while I was unloading it and broke it. This time she got busted. Neither she or the dogs would stay out of the mess. Dogs banished outside, Pip banished to the couch. Sweep, sweep, sweep more then vacuum tediously for along time. Toddler yelling on the couch for a snack and for me to play with her. Mom looks at toddler increduously and does neither. Why is it that broken glass spreads so far from the impact point?

In the midst of all this, I open the door to my very warm refrigerator. My compressor blew. Everything was spoiled. Freezer too. Super Crap. 3 weeks ago I had a frig repair guy out to check out a loud noise coming from my frig. His diagnosis: Compressor is running a little loud but is working fine. He'd check to see if my warranty would replace it but in the meantime, it's ship-shape. Obviously not. A nasty message left to the repair company, 2 hours of cleaning out the frig (with Pip and the dogs "helping" me) and scrubbing it down, 6 garage bags of several hundred dollars of recently purchased groceries/frozen food = I'm mad and I stink (according to Pip).

Look at what dripped at the bottom of my freezer. Popsicles. How am I going to get to that?

If I had more energy, I'd edit this and add sarcastic titles of my frig saying it's finally clean.I scrubbed and mopped the same spot where the glass broke earlier. Baxter finished the job by licking where I mopped. After I cleaned the freezer he licked through it. Thanks B-Dog for the help.

I wasn't able to save much. At least I was able to save a six pack of the hubby's beer which is now stored in my neighbor's frig.

I now cannot get the door back on.


American in Norway said...

Oh girl...Hang in there... Tomorrow is a new day! : ) Hugs

Kari Haskell said...

It's always something....over and over and over.

SORRY for the horrific day!!! The fridge put it over the egde. :)

Swirl Girl said...

Get it all over with in one day - it can only go uphill from there!

When life gives you lemons....oh screw it, start drinking now!

dani said...

the good news is things happen in 3's i count 3 things broken... so, you should be good to go (since there were no mirrors in the mix;)!!!

dani said...

hey, robin...
tell mr. weith kick to stop by my place today and add his thoughts:)

scargosun said...

How old was your fridge? It looks new!

Ronnica said...

Yuck! What a waste of food! Maybe it's time to head to Australia? (did you check out that book in the library?)

Robin said...

Thanks to all of your comments! Today has still sucked but I FINALLY have a repairman here.

Swirl - That's exactly what I did!
Cracked open a bottle of cab last night, laid on the floor and drank half of it. Other half tonight.

Scargosun - We bought it in 2004 so in frig terms, yet it's new and still under warranty, whew..

Laurie said...

I love the story about the library. That is great. I would have been cracking up.

Laurie said...

Sorry... Forgot to say that I found you on the secret is in the sauce. The picture of the 5 of you is adorable. I am glad I stopped by your site!

Kelly said...

Your day sucked!! I can totally relate to the fridge/freezer thing...I think I lost close to $600 due to hurricaines one season; makes you sick. I hope you popped open one of the salvaged beer and toasted to the end of your day!

I'm married. I have 3 kids. I have a big nose. Now go on and catch up.

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