Monday, November 10, 2008

Insane in the Membrane

In the last 2 days, the following has occurred:

*My 3 year old threw a brown marker at my face. That crap is hard to
get off.

*Same kid chucked her sunglasses at my face while I was talking to her
at a red light. In case you didn't know, plastic bruises cheeks.

*My 19 year old peeled out of a mortuary parking lot doing 90. I hid
behind a dumpster so no one would know I was his mother.

*My 14 year old did this at a store today:

I'd claim they all got switched at birth but since they either look or act like me, I don't think anyone would buy it.

It must have been all that chinese food I ate while I was pregnant.


Swirl Girl said...

what a 'craft'y young man...
was he trying to spell 'or gay' or 'orgy'.

DysFUNctional Mom said...

That is damned funny.

dani said...

i'm pretty sure it's "u r gay", swirl girl... lol, yep, they are your little ducks, robin!!!

Jenny said...

On the bright side, bad behavior makes for good writing!I love that you took a picture of it! Always the blogger... Haha!!

If it is any consolation, my four year old threw a wooden spoon at me last week while I was driving. I threw away her spoon and she had to miss a birthday party. Any chance you have a birthday party hanging over their heads? : )

Robin said...

Swirl - Dani was right, UR GAY is what he was trying to spell..Hee..

Dysfunctional - Ha!!!

Jenny - Actually we do have a birthday party coming up next weekend..Hmm..may have to consider that! Pip has a 'crunch' on this boy much to her father's dismay

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